4 for £4 Food To Go Meal Deal

You won’t be able to resist our new and improved range of sandwiches included in our Food To Go Meal Deal!

We’ve added more gluten-free and vegan options, as well as some classic staples and new and exciting flavours.

You can take a look at the 4 for £4 menu below:



  • Booths Hog Roast, Each (available for Christmas only)
  • Booths Ultimate Festive Feast, Each (available for Christmas only)
  • Booths No Turkey Festive Feast, Each (available for Christmas only)
  • Booths BLT Sandwich, Each
  • Booths Brie & Bacon Sandwich, Each
  • Booths Cheese Ploughman’s Sandwich, Each
  • Booths Chicken & Bacon Sandwich, Each
  • Booths Chicken and Stuffing Sandwich, Each
  • Booths Chicken Salad Sandwich, Each
  • Booths Egg and Watercress Sandwich, Each
  • Booths GF Cheese & Pickle, Each
  • Booths Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Each
  • Booths Ham Hock & Egg Sandwich, Each
  • Booths New Yorker Sandwich, Each
  • Booths Prawn & Crab Sandwich, Each
  • Booths Prawn Mayo Sandwich, Each


  • Booths Chicken Caesar Wrap, Each
  • Booths Hoisin Duck Wrap, Each
  • Booths Houmous and Veg Wrap, Each
  • Booths Pakora & Chutney Wrap, Each


  • Booths Chicken Caesar Salad, Each
  • Booths Ham & Hock Egg Salad, Each
  • Booths Mexican Burrito Salad, Each
  • Booths Moroccan Mezze Salad, Each
  • Booths Prawn Pasta Salad, Each


  • Tanpopo Chicken Katsu Sushi Rolls, Each
  • Tanpopo Seaweed & Soybean Poke Salad, 270g
  • Tanpopo Spicy Salmon Poke Salad, 220g
  • Tanpopo Spicy Tofu Poke, Each
  • Tanpopo Vegan Sauce Rolls, 150g
  • Tanpopo Zensai Salmon Sushi Set, Each


  • Cully & Sully Chicken & Veg Soup, 400g
  • Cully & Sully Creamy Tomato & Basil Soup, 400g


Crisps & Savoury Snacks

  • Pipers Cheddar & Onion Crisps, 40g
  • Pipers Roast Beef Crisps, 40g
  • Pipers Salt & Vinegar Crisps, 40g
  • Pipers Sea Salt Crisps, 40g
  • Pipers Sweet Chilli Crisps, 40g
  • Proper Corn Lightly Sea Salted, 20g
  • Proper Corn Sweet & Salty, 30g
  • Properchips Barbecue, 20g
  • Properchips Sea Salt, 20g
  • Propercorn Salted Caramel, 28g
  • Real Olive Company Garlic & Basil Olives, 60g
  • Tanpopo Edamame Protein Pot, 50g

Fruit & Nuts

  • Booths Almonds Snack Bag, 45g
  • Booths Apple & Grape Snack Pack, 75g
  • Booths Apple Snack Pack, 75g
  • Booths Banana Chip Snack Bag, 50g
  • Booths Cashew & Raisin Snack Bag, 50g
  • Booths Cashew Snack Bag, 45g
  • Booths Cranberries Snack Bag, 50g
  • Booths Fruit & Nut Snack Bag, 50g
  • Booths Melon Fingers, 80g
  • Booths Nut Mix Snack Bag, 45g
  • Booths Pineapple Chunks, 80g
  • Booths Pistachios Snack Bag, 45g
  • Booths Watermelon Slices, 135g

Sweet Snacks

  • Booths Butter Flapjack, Each
  • Booths Carrot Cake, Each
  • Booths Lemon Drizzle Slice, Each
  • Booths Millionaires Shortbread, Each
  • Booths Rocky Road Slice, Each
  • Lindt Lindor Milk Bar, 38g
  • Lindt Lindor Orange Bar, 38g
  • Pots & Co Chocolate Orange Ganache, 50g
  • Pots & Co Salted Caramel & Chocolate Ganache, 50g

Yoghurts & Desserts:

  • Hesper Coffee and Vanilla Skyr , 125g
  • Hesper Raspberry & Hibiscus Skyr, 125g
  • Rachel’s Organic Greek Vanilla Breakfast Pot, 135g
  • Rachel’s Organic Peach Yoghurt, 150g
  • Rachel’s Organic Strawberry Yoghurt, 150g
  • Rachel’s Organic Vanilla Yogurt, 150g
  • The Collective Dairy Mango Yoghurt, 150g



  • Aquaroma Forest Fruits Still, 500ml
  • Booths Sparkling Mineral Water, 500ml
  • Booths Sparkling Peach Water, 500ml
  • Booths Still Apple & Raspberry Water, 500ml
  • Booths Still Lemon & Lime Water, 500ml
  • Booths Still Water, 500ml
  • Harrogate Spring Sparkling Water, 500ml
  • Highland Spring Still Water, 500ml

Soft Drinks:

  • Coca Cola Diet, 330ml
  • Coca Cola Original, 250ml
  • Coca Cola Zero, 330ml
  • Innocent Bubbles Apple & Berry, 330ml
  • Innocent Bubbles Lemon & Lime, 330ml

Fresh Juice:

  • Copella Apple Juice, 300ml
  • Innocent Orange Juice – Bits, 330ml
  • Innocent Orange Juice – Smooth, 330ml

Please note that this selection is subject to change and some products may only be available in larger stores – feel free to give your store of choice a call with any enquiries. Find your nearest store and their contact details by clicking the button below:

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