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Explore the latest in food and drink products now available at Booths, from the fresh counters to the café.

NEW Cooked Meats Range

Our refreshed range brings you lots of delicious cooked meats and charcuterie products from award-winning British suppliers who pride themselves on the highest welfare standards and quality.

Available from the new range:

  • British Outdoor Bred Thick Cut Gammon Ham (3 slices) £2.85
  • British Heather Honey Roast Ham (4 slices) £2.85
  • British Salt Beef Topside (6 slices) £2.85
  • British Roast Beef Topside (3 slices) £2.85
  • British Pastrami (12 slices) £2.75
  • British Roast Pork (4 slices) £2.85
  • British Wiltshire Cured Ham (4 slices) £2.85
  • British Outdoor Bred Breaded Gammon Ham (4 slices) £2.85
  • British Cooked Wafer Thin Ham (10 slices) £2
  • British Honey Roast Ham Wafer Thin (10 slices) £2
  • British Smoked Ham Wafer Thin (10 slices) £2
  • British Cooked Turkey Wafer This (15 slices) £2
  • British Cooked Chicken Wafer Thin (15 slices) £2
  • Cooked Ox Tongue (3 slices) £2.50

NEW From Our Butcher’s Counter

We’ve launched a NEW range of products from our Butchers Counter which are fantastic for popping in the oven or grilling on the BBQ. The new range inlcudes:

  • Piri Piri Chicken & Red Pepper Kebabs
  • Piri Piri Butterfly Chicken Fillets
  • Spicy Chilli Beef Stir Fry
  • Garlic & Mature Cheddar Beef Steak Bomb
  • Mint & Rosemay New Potatoes
  • Salt & Pepper Corn on the Cob

Visit your nearest Butchers Counter today to view the full range.

This is not available at MediaCity.

NEW From Booths Brand

vegan mexican bean wrap

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