Booths Card Hot Drink Benefit Changes FAQ

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As of 2nd July 2018, your Booths card hot drink benefit is changing. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

What are the changes to the hot drink benefit?

At The Takeaway Machine

To claim your one free hot drink a day at the takeaway machine, you will now need to bring your own suitable 12oz reusable cup, and scan your Booths card at the till before filling up.

If you do not have a reusable cup, you can ask for a disposable cup after scanning your Booths card at the till, and will receive a hot drink at half price rather than free as previously. Alternatively there will be a range of reusable cups to purchase in stores at a cardholder discount.

One free hot drink per day, per Booths cardholder with their reusuable cup. One Booths card per customer.

You can purchase unlimited half price takeaway hot drinks with your Booths card.

You can continue to purchase a full price takeaway hot drink in a reusable or disposable cup if you’re a non Booths cardholder.

In The Café

You can no longer take your takeaway hot drink into the café.

The hot drinks available in the café will no longer be free with your Booths card, but half price, with no food purchase necessary. You can purchase unlimited half price hot drinks with your Booths card in the café.

We’ve made these changes in response to customer feedback, to improve the quality and experience in our cafes.

Why are we making these changes to the hot drink benefit?

Responsible business practices are very important to us, and we’re constantly striving to be a more sustainable retailer. The number of disposable coffee cups we give away is no longer sustainable for the environment or for Booths. By reducing the amount that we give away, we should save a significant number of disposable cups per year, a win for the Environment and for Booths.

Why are you keeping a disposable cup at all?

We have a lot of customers who want to enjoy a takeaway hot drink but for whom a reusable cup isn’t viable. By retaining the takeaway cup we can continue to meet the needs of all of our customers.

Why have you not introduced a fully recyclable or compostable cup instead?

We are currently working on a more sustainable disposable cup solution, including providing recycling collection points in stores for the cups after use and facilitating their collection and transportation to the right recycling facility. We want to find the most effective long term solution both for the environment and for Booths which unfortunately takes time.

How can I recycle the disposable cup if I get one?

We are currently working to introduce recycling points for disposable cups into all stores. We’ll then send the cups to specialist recycling facility Croppers of Kendal. Our aim is to have recycling points in stores by Autumn 2018.

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