Booths Coffee

Booths Coffee

At Booths, our roots are placed in tea and coffee, and it’s the very start of where our story first began.

Our founder Edwin Henry Booth, started his career as a tea trader, and often travelled the globe in search of excellent tea and coffee. He developed a particular skill in the art of tea and coffee tasting, and his expertise has been passed on through generations of the family. It’s still very much a huge part of what we do today.

As we did many years ago, we still blend our tea and roast our coffee in-house, a task carried out by our small but specialist team based at Booths HQ in Preston. If you’re driving by in the morning, you can often smell the coffee on roast.

Our Beverage Specialist Peter, and our Coffee Roaster Rob, sort, blend and hand-roast our coffee in small batches and pack them the same day to give extra freshness and optimum flavour.

Our 15 whole-bean coffees include our Finest & Best house blend, which has acidity from Kenya, sweetness from India and a little gaminess from Ethiopia. There’s also Monsoon Malabar, picked during the rainy season and dried by southern Indian monsoon winds to give a smooth, velvety character to your coffee.

In each store, you’ll also find a coffee grinder where you can grind our whole bean blends, which give off a wonderful aroma, or choose from a selection of eight coffees, roasted, ground and pre-packed by Peter and Rob.

Our coffees are Rain Forest Alliance certified and are sourced from suppliers who trade ethically.

We’ve also partnered with Bio Bean, who collect used coffee grounds from our cafes and coffee machines in store. They recycle the grinds and turn them into coffee logs which can be used for wood burners, stoves and open fires.