Bring Your Best to Breakfast

Cereal is becoming a go to breakfast option once again, with more of us opting for a traditional morning meal of granola or porridge even when we’re on the go. We’re also mindful of what goes into them, especially when it comes to our families.

With this in mind our buyer Andy has refreshed our selection of cereals, bringing you an exciting range of new options and bringing you more from the brands he knows you love!

With over 60 new products, including artisan muesli, locally made traditional granola, on the go porridge and healthy options for the kids, you’re sure to find something new to fit your own breakfast needs. The new range also ensures we’re catering for more dietary requirements and preferences including vegan, gluten free, paleo and higher fibre diets.  

Andy says “It’s been a delicious experience trying out these new products and working from home meant the kids got involved too! I’m looking forward to the feedback from customers and would highly recommend Yockenthwaite Farm, a locally handmade artisan granola which is freshly rolled to order and packed with flavour!”


Brought to life in 2015 after co-founder Helenor’s son suggested that her homemade granola was tasty enough to sell, the Troo range is designed to support gut health and in turn both physical and mental health and wellbeing

Researching the science behind food, Helenor and her husband Mike were inspired to ensure each recipe includes at least 25% of your recommended fibre intake, is low in sugar and contains no preservatives or additives.  All of their products are gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Each pouch of Troo granola and porridge is full of delicious plant based ingredients and made in small batches to make sure it’s of the highest quality and freshness, just as Helenor made it in her kitchen at home. They’ll be easy to spot in our stores with their colourful, fun packaging!

You’ll also find Troo Spoonful of Fibre (Pure Inulin Syrup), made with chicory root in store.  This is a great healthy, vegan friendly alternative to honey and a low-sugar / low carb alternative to other syrups. You can add it to your porridge, spread it on your toast and even bake with it. With 65% fibre, a spoonful each day can really help to support your gut health*.

Troo also have admirable recycling credentials – everything is 100% plastic free and can be recycled in your household recycling! Pop the granola and porridge pouches and the syrup cardboard sleeves into your paper recycling, whilst the syrup jars can go into your glass recycling.

Now available in stores;

Troo Granola+ Nutty with Cinnamon, 350g, £4.00
Troo Granola+ Super Berry with Vitamin C, 350g, £4.00
Troo Energise Porridge+ Chocolate & Maca, 400g, £3.00
Troo Happy Porridge+ Flaxseed & Cinnamon, 400g, £3.00
Troo Spoonful of Fibre, Pure Inulin Syrup, 227g, £5.00
Troo Spoonful of Fibre, Chocolate Inulin Syrup, 227g, £5.00

*chicory root fibre supports a healthy and balanced digestive system when you consume 12g per day. One dessertspoonful of Troo Spoonful of Fibre is 12g of chicory root fibre (inulin).  Each bowl of Troo Granola and Troo Porridge+ contains 6g of chicory root fibre (inulin).

Yockenthwaite Farm

The Hird family have farmed the picturesque Yockenthwaite Farm in Yorkshire since 1842. Being fifth generation hill-sheep farmers they’re well aware of how important a hearty breakfast is. Their granola was initially made for family and visitors before they decided to diversify the farm and share their homemade recipes with the rest of us.

Yockenthwaite use the ‘groats’, the wholegrain oat which includes the fibre-rich outer portion as well as the centre and mixes them with wholesome, quality ingredients to create a delicious breakfast. Made in small batches and using oats which are rolled immediately before cooking, their granola is as fresh as it can be!

We launched two of Yockenthwaite’s granolas in 2019 and they’ve become a popular choice so we’ve put them into more stores and added another flavour.

Now available in stores;

Yockenthwaite Real Oaty Granola, 475g, £4.50

Already in the range are;

Yockenthwaite Nutty Spelt Granola, 475g, £4.50
Yockenthwaite Just Ginger Granola, 475g, £4.50


Dr Mick Shaw and his wife Lizi had a passion for healthy living and wholesome food. Starting with a homemade cereal, served to guests at Mick and Lizi’s bed and breakfast in Wales, the Lizi’s team have now developed a range of nutritious cereals which are full of flavour.

During their research into food nutrition, Mick and Lizi learnt about Glycaemic Load (how much a food increases our blood sugar level) and the impact it has on energy levels throughout the day. With this knowledge they made a decision to measure it within their recipes and use natural ingredients that keep your energy levels sustained throughout the day.

The whole range is plant based and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, with each recipe developed to target a specific health benefit, diet or lifestyle.

The Super Muesli range includes selected vitamins, combined with fruits and nuts for their collective health benefits. Super Muesli Focus is designed to support the brain and cognitive function, whilst Super Muesli Boost contributes to healthy immune system function and helps reduce daily fatigue.

With high-fibre ingredients and gut-friendly cultures, the Digestive Health Granola is perfect for looking after your internal health and the Low Sugar Granola has all the delicious flavours you’d expect, just with less sugar!

During 2020 Lizi’s have proudly donated nearly 45,000 bags of muesli and granola to food banks, charities and NHS trusts.

Now available in stores;

Lizi’s Super Muesli Focus, 400g, £3.65
Lizi’s Super Muesli Boost, 400g, £3.65
Lizi’s Digestive Health Nuts and Seeds Granola, 350g, £3.90
Lizi’s Low Sugar Nuts and Seeds Granola, 500g, £3.90

Bio & Me

Founder of Bio & Me, Dr Megan Rossi (aka The Gut Health Doctor) is a registered dietician and nutritionist, dedicated to supporting us and our gut health. According to her research the health benefits of good gut health aren’t just focused on the digestive system, they positively affect your heart, skin and mental health.

Dr Megan Rossi founded Bio & Me to create delicious cereals that support our gut health. Each recipe is packed full of nutritious ingredients, brought together to ensure the first meal of your day isn’t just healthy but also tasty and filling.

In 2019 we introduced the Bio & Me gut-loving granola to our shelves and now we are excited to be adding their new range of prebiotic muesli and porridge, exclusive to Booths!

Created by Dr Megan Rossi this new range of muesli and porridges join the rest of the Gut-Loving Prebiotic range. With no added sugar or salt and no artificial ingredients at all, these are the only products of their kind that can use the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved health claim “good for your gut”.

Now available in stores;

Bio & Me Fruit & Nut Muesli, 450g, £4.00
Bio & Me Apple & Cinnamon Porridge, 450g, £3.75
Bio & Me Seed & Nutty Porridge, 450g, £3.75

Already in the range are;

Bio & Me Raspberry & Beetroot Granola, 360g, £4.00
Bio & Me Seed & Nut Granola, 360g, £4.00
Bio & Me Apple & Cinnamon Granola, 360g, £4.00
Bio & Me Low Sugar Granola, 360g, £4.00

The Great British Porridge Co.

After making her own homemade porridge with only natural ingredients and noticing how much better she felt after eating it Jacqueline Barleycorn started making her recipe for friends and family. Two years later The Great British Porridge Co. has a range of delicious 100% natural, gluten free porridges and have even featured on Dragons Den!

As well as using only British oats, dates for sweetness and coconut for creaminess, the range is gluten free, dairy free and plant based, boasting all natural ingredients and no added sugars. Perfect for a range of dietary needs.

After first stocking the brand in 2019 we’re adding more flavours and a few handy porridge pots for when you want a healthy breakfast on the go. Simply add hot water or milk and enjoy!

Now available in stores;

The Great British Porridge Co. Caffé Latte Porridge Pot, 60g, £1.30
The Great British Porridge Co. Blueberry & Banana Porridge Pot, 60g, £1.30
The Great British Porridge Co. Classic Chocolate Porridge Pot, 60g, £1.30
The Great British Porridge Co. Caffé Latte Instant Porridge, 385g, £4.00
The Great British Porridge Co. Classic Chocolate Instant Porridge, 385g, £4.00

Already in the range are;

The Great British Porridge Co. Blueberry & Banana Instant Porridge, 385g, £4.00
The Great British Porridge Co. Strawberry & Peanut Butter Instant Porridge, 385g, £4.00

BEAR Alphabites

BEAR founder Hayley read an article about bears who had travelled into cities looking for food, foraging on leftovers and becoming unhealthier than their wild friends. She was already aware of how difficult it can be to find healthier alternatives to processed foods and this article was the inspiration Hayley needed to create a “no added nonsense” range of snacks and cereals for kids.

With just six natural ingredients, BEAR have made it easier for parents to find a healthy cereal which is still delicious and fun for kids! Naturally high in fibre and calcium, Alphabites include 5 multigrains and no added sugar or salt.

One of the six ingredients, Coconut Blossom Nectar, is full of nutritional benefits and flavour.

Not only does it have twice the amount of calcium as milk and three times the potassium of bananas, its bursting with minerals to support bones and boost the immune system, as well as amino acids to help kids process these vitamins and minerals.

Now available in stores;

BEAR Alphabites Multigrain Cereal, 350g, £2.90
BEAR Alphabites Cocoa Cereal, 350g, £2.90

Lakeland Mues

In preparation for a tasty and filling breakfast before a day of rambling through the fells of the Lake District, Luke and Tim would toast their own muesli at home. After deciding to try their hand at selling their homemade recipe at the local farmers market, they are now an award-winning company with a range of flavours, their muesli dream is a reality!

Lakeland Mues’ artisan muesli continues to be toasted by hand in Cumbria and is blended with nuts, seeds and a touch of honey for the finest flavour. With no added salt, oil or refined sugar you can be sure you’ve got a hearty all natural breakfast to keep you going through the day.

We first stocked The Artman Classic in 2019 and introduced The Berry Blast last year. This year we’re adding another flavour to our shelves with The Total Nutter, which is packed full of honey toasted hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts for a nutty crunch!

Now available in stores;

Lakeland Mues The Total Nutter, 500g, £5.95

Already in the range are;

Lakeland Mues The Artman Classic, 500g, £5.95
Lakeland Mues The Berry Blast, 500g, £5.95

White’s Oats

With a long history of milling after being founded in 1841 in Tandragee, Co. Armagh, White’s is now Ireland’s largest breakfast cereal producer. Working with a network of oat growers across Ireland and the British Isles, they serve up only the freshest and tastiest oats and have the ability to trace all the oats from seed to packing. White’s Organic Jumbo and Fine Oats are also made from 100% organic oats grown by their reliable organic farmers.

White’s award-winning products are a good source of fibre and protein, making sure that your morning meal will keep you going until lunchtime. Whether you choose the original oats or their flavour combinations of Apple & Cinnamon or Strawberry & Banana you’ll be sure of a delicious start to the day. Choose from toasted oats, porridge oats or instant porridge sachets for when you’re on the go.

Now available in stores;

White’s Toasted Oats Apple & Cinnamon Crunch, 500g, £3.00
White’s Toasted Oats Strawberry & Bananas Crunch, 500g, £3.00
White’s Toat’ly Oaty Apple & Cinnamon Instant Jumbo Porridge, 8x30g, £2.25
White’s Toat’ly Oaty Original Instant Jumbo Porridge, 10x30g, £2.25
White’s Organic Jumbo Oats, 750g, £2.00
White’s Organic Fine Oats, 750g, £2.00


For 25 years Benecol have been supporting us with convenient ways to lower cholesterol. Alongside the spreads, yogurt and yogurt drinks you can now pick up a delicious handy snack bar to give you a boost between meals.

Each chunky oat bar is made with wholegrain oats, high in fibre and contains plant stanol ester which will help you lower cholesterol without compromising on taste.

Choose from the Berry & Oat bars with blueberry, cranberry and a creamy yogurt coating and the Fruit & Oat bars with crunchy hazelnuts and dipped in dark chocolate.

Now available in stores;

Benecol Fruit & Oat Bars Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate, 3x40g, £3.00
Benecol Berry & Oat Bars Blueberry & Cranberry, 3x40g, £3.00


Since the first Graze box was posted in 2008 the company has grown and now includes a range of snacks including Super Snackers and Oat Bites cereal bars. The entire range is free of artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservatives and we’re delighted to introduce them into our stores.

Super Snackers bars are the perfect treat for kids on the go. Made with chewy oats they’re full of fibre and flavour, and with 50% less sugar than the average cereal bar and less than 100 calories each they’re a great choice to keep the kids going until teatime.

Another flavour of Oat Bites fibre-rich bars are also making their way onto our shelves, Peanut Butter & Chocolate! They give you a good energy boost during the day and the chocolate helps those of us with a sweet tooth to keep those cravings at bay.

Now available in stores;

Graze Chocolate Super Snackers, 4x23g, £2.15
Graze Strawberry Super Snackers, 4x23g, £2.15
Graze Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Oat Bites, 4x30g, £2.50

Already in the range are;

Graze Cocoa Orange Protein Bites, 4x30g, £2.50
Graze Cocoa Vanilla Protein Bites, 4x30g, £2.50
Graze Honey Protein Bites, 4x30g, £2.50
Graze Lemon & Blueberry Protein Bites, 4x30g, £2.50

Look out for…

Oreo Os Cereal, 350g, £4.00

The perfect treat for kids and adults alike!

Nature Valley Oat & Honey Protein Bake, 4x38g, £3.00

Nature Valley Blueberry & Almond Protein Bake, 4x38g, £3.00

A protein packed delicious snack to keep you going through the day.

Fibre One Birthday Cake, 5 Pack, £3.00

Only 90 calories each! The perfect snack for guilt free indulgence.