Cuckoo Solace Gin

Brindle distillery

In the charming village of Brindle, nestled in the heart of the Lancashire countryside, the team at Cuckoo Gin are handcrafting a very special spirit close to their heart. Solace Gin.

Solace, meaning comfort in a time of great distress, was born out of difficult circumstances when Liz Long, wife of Master Distiller Mark, was diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer.

Aged just 29, Liz and her family faced the unimaginable and despite what they were going through, felt inspired to raise awareness about the importance of cervical screening. They wanted to create something special to show gratitude for the love and support Liz and her family had been shown, and what better way than with a talent they’ve already mastered – gin!

Flavoured with soothing citrus, olives and fresh herbs, a percentage of the proceeds are donated to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, the world’s leading cervical cancer charity.

Thankfully, Liz is now living cancer-free and the money raised through this gin is able to directly support over 1000 women who call Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust Helpline.

So, in the words of the Cuckoo family, let’s continue to raise both awareness and a glass, to family, friends and new beginnings.