Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts Range Review

Ready for the Summer sun, our Frozen Food Buyer Kim has been busy revamping our range of ice cream and frozen desserts.

Not only will you find a new range of luxurious and affordable Booths ice cream and cheesecakes in our freezers, we’ve also increased our range of vegan and dairy alternative ice creams and desserts by over 50%! Alongside the indulgent ice cream tubs you’ll also find some family favourites, including Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream and R Whites Lemonade Lollies. There’s even an ice cream for Dogs as we want to ensure the whole family feels included!

Read more about the new range below and get ready to find a new favourite!

Booths Ice Cream

Booths Ice Creams served in a glass dish

Our new range of rich and creamy West Country ice cream is made using 100% British milk and cream and created in partnership with Marshfield Farm, a family run dairy farm in Wiltshire who have over 30 years of ice cream expertise.

We’ve covered all the family favourites from Vanilla & Clotted Cream and Strawberry to Chocolate Fudge Brownie!

Booths Cheesecakes

Booths Frozen Cheesecakes in salted caramel, mixed berry and traditional new york

Each of our delicious new desserts is made with a digestive biscuit base, topped with a rich and silky baked cheesecake, using 100% British milk and cream.

We have three flavours; traditional New York, fruity Mixed Berry and indulgent Salted Caramel, with each pack of two frozen for convenience, so you’ll always have a dessert at the ready! 

Jude’s Ice Cream

Jude's Salted Caramel Ice Cream

When Theo Mezger began experimenting with ice cream no one could have imagined the journey it would take his family on. From an old barn in Hampshire to supermarkets and farm shops across the country, Jude’s are leading the way for the ice cream industry with award winning flavours and a truly incredible focus on sustainability. 

Named after Theo’s wife Jude, the company continues to be run by the Mezger family who have spent their time mastering the art of ice cream making. With over 50 Great Taste Awards and having worked with some of Britain’s top chefs, Jude’s have become known for their innovation and dedication.

Jude’s is Britain’s first carbon negative ice cream and desserts company, removing over 10% more carbon from the atmosphere than is emitted through its entire supply chain, from their field to your bowl. They aren’t stopping there, Jude’s are continually looking for ways to stem global warming and are working with leading specialists in carbon foot-printing and environmental sustainability.

Their dairy’s electricity is fully powered by renewable energy sources whilst they also recycle millions of litres of water per year through their cooling systems. They even recycle energy using heat transfer, re-using the energy from a cooked batch of ice cream which is being cooled to heat the incoming milk for the next batch. On top of all that they also plant trees and participate in re-wilding projects through the Woodland Trust and Trees for Life.

We’re delighted to be introducing Jude’s to our shelves and have chosen a selection we think you’ll enjoy!

Jude’s Salted Caramel Ice Cream, 460ml
Their signature scoop, Jude’s were the first to bring Salted Caramel ice cream to the UK! Made with fresh cream and English sea salt there’s a reason this is their bestseller. 

Jude’s Vanilla Clotted Cream Ice Cream, 460ml
The perfect addition to a delicious baked dessert or freshly picked fruit, Jude’s rich and creamy Vanilla Clotted Cream ice cream is made using real West Country clotted cream.

Jude’s Lower Calorie Vegan Cookie Dough Brownie Ice Cream, 460ml
Made with coconut milk and filled with generous chunks of cookie dough and brownie pieces, this indulgent ice cream is only 460 calories per tub!

Jude’s Minis Salted Caramel, 6x50ml
Jude’s signature Salted Caramel ice cream coated in Belgian chocolate and caramel pieces, a guilt-free treat at under 100 calories!

Jude’s Minis Multipack, 6x50ml
Jude’s creamy vanilla bean ice cream dipped in Belgian chocolate and less than 100 calories! Choose between milk, white and almond for a delicious treat.

Kirsty’s Desserts

Kirsty's Desserts including Luxury Apple Pie and Golden Billionaire slice

Founded in Lancashire and manufactured in Yorkshire, Kirsty’s has become a go-to brand for free-from food with each dish and dessert made without gluten, wheat and dairy yet still packed full of flavour.

When Kirsty discovered her son had several food allergies she had to adapt quickly. After finding that many of the ready-made options at the time weren’t particularly healthy, she began to cook everything from scratch. She soon realised her delicious recipes were good enough to share with other families.

Following her success on Dragon’s Den, Kirsty’s now has a wide range of desserts and ready-meals which are perfect for families on the go who are looking for delicious and nutritious free-from food.

New to Booths you’ll find two luxurious vegan and gluten-free frozen desserts, so more of us can enjoy a delicious treat!

Kirsty’s Luxury Apple Pie, 2 Pack
An award-winning vegan dessert with deep layers of crisp and fruity apple, encased in a delicious flaky and crispy gluten-free pastry and hand-finished with a cinnamon glaze and flaked almonds.

Kirsty’s Golden Billionaire Slice, 2 Pack
A luxurious vegan triple-layered dessert with a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie base, topped with layers of salted toffee and coconut chocolate ganache, finished with an indulgent chocolate drizzle and splashes of gold.

Did you know we also have a range of Kirsty’s chilled ready meals, perfect for mid-week evening meals and under 400 calories each! Find them in our fridges.


Northern Bloc Ice Cream

NORTHERN BL°C make great ice cream that’s for everyone. Using only fresh and natural ingredients, they’re on a mission to do ice cream differently.

Starting with a 1970’s Bedford ice cream, founders Josh Lee and Dirk Mischendahl began making their own ice cream from a single Industrial unit in Leeds back in 2014.

Soon after they met Manolo Imperatori, a world-championship winning, Italian Ice cream maker who fell instantly in love with NORTHERN BL°C ice cream. He joined the team to develop the ice cream, continue the pursuit of perfection and experiment with new techniques, flavours and Ingredients.

These days, NORTHERN BL°C continues to push the boundaries of just how good ice cream can taste, while making a positive impact — with sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. In 2018 NORTHERN BL°C launched their plant-based range; an ice cream containing natural ingredients that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture, and just so happens to be vegan. In 2020, they were the first UK brand to bring biodegradable tubs into retail. That same year, they launched a limited-edition special ice cream, with proceeds going towards the Theatre Support Fund+ to help the industry bounce back from the impact of COVID-19.

NORTHERN BL°C continue to use classic and pioneering techniques to create indulgent, premium ice cream that everyone can enjoy. 

It’s an honour to be stocked in a retailer that shares our values around fresh produce, natural ingredients and sustainability. We’re excited for Booths customers to enjoy our indulgent ice cream flavours.

Josh Lee, Director

Now available in Booths:

NORTHERN BL°C Salted Caramel & Almond Swirl, 500ml
A sweet fusion of salted caramel plant-based ice cream, crunchy caramelised almonds and a caramel ripple.

NORTHERN BL°C Chocolate & Blood Orange, 500ml
A rich, plant-based chocolate ice cream with a citrusy Sicilian blood orange compote.

NORTHERN BL°C Chocolate Collection Multipack, 4x100ml
A multipack of 4 indulgent mini-ice cream tubs including Chocolate Stracciatella (Indulgent dark chocolate ice cream packed full of dark chocolate shards) and Chocolate & Honeycomb (Dark chocolate ice cream swirled with sweet honeycomb chunks) .

NORTHERN BL°C ice creams are made with responsibly sourced natural ingredients. Gluten-free, no palm oil, no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives and Vegan Society approved.

Pots & Co

Pots & Co from chocolate dessert

Pots & Co was founded by Julian Dyer back in 2013 who saw an opportunity to create restaurant quality desserts that were available on supermarket shelves for everyone to enjoy.

The pudding recipes are developed by Michelin-trained chefs and have been served in some of the world-leading Michelin starred restaurants including Bibendum and Elystan Street.

Pots & Co believe food is beautiful when it’s simply made with the very best natural ingredients and make their desserts by hand in a kitchen setting so each one is made with care and attention.

As well as containing delicious tasting desserts, you’ll also find the pots to be versatile and useful throughout the home and can be used to store smaller items such as toothpicks and Q-Tips.

Continuing to do their bit for the environment, Pots & Co moved from using plastic backed boxes to cardboard ones back in 2020, saving an estimated 69 tonnes of plastic annually.

The Pots & Co Little Frozen Pudding Pots are now available at Booths stores. A creamy chocolate and salted caramel ganache with a salted caramel crunch. Enjoy straight from the freezer or equally delicious when defrosted for a softer serve.

The Little Frozen Pudding Pots, 6x50g
A creamy chocolate and salted caramel ganache with a salted caramel crunch. Enjoy straight from the freezer or equally delicious when defrosted for a softer serve.

Scoop’s Ice Cream for Dogs

Scoops ice cream for dogs being enjoyed by a number of dogs

Created by Marshfield Farm Ice Cream in Wiltshire, Scoop’s Ice Cream for Dogs is inspired by the farm’s very own Jack Russell, Scoop! With 30 years of ice cream expertise behind them, the team at Marshfield Farm believe treating the family means treating the dog too. And we agree!

Marshfield Farm is a family-run, working dairy farm and they’ve been tending the land for over 50 years. Their herd of cows are free to roam across their Cotswold pastures with plenty of lush grass and clover to graze on. Because of this, every drop of fresh milk in their award-winning ice cream can be traced back to their own fields.

Using sustainable farming practices, they harness green energy with solar panels on their barn roofs, their wood-pellet boiler keeps the factory carbon neutral and they extract water for use across the farm straight from the ground using a borehole.

Scoop’s Ice Cream for Dogs is made using fresh milk straight from the farm. They’ve then added a lactase enzyme to reduce the lactose for dogs with sensitive tummies. Working closely with their friends at GWF Nutrition, they’ve added a specialist dog food supplement into every tub to support muscle maintenance and mobility. Alongside omega 3 oils for a glossy coat, you’ll also find glucosamine for joint care, vitamin C for your pup’s immune system and curcumin which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Next time you’re selecting a delicious ice cream to share with the family, why not pick up a tub of Scoop’s for your pooch to enjoy too!

Scoop’s Ice Cream for Dogs, 125ml

Also keep an eye out for:

Guuud Greek Raspberry Yogurt Ice Cream, 4 Pack
Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate Ice Cream, 3x90ml
Lotus Biscoff Milk Chocolate Ice Cream, 3x90ml
R Whites Lemonade Ice Lolly, 3x75ml
Häagen-Dazs Fruit Collection Mini Cups, 4x95ml
Häagen-Dazs Duo Chocolate & Strawberry Crunch, 420ml
Häagen-Dazs Duo Chocolate & Vanilla Crunch, 420ml