Rafi’s Spicebox

Rafi's spicebox

Rafi Fernandez opened the very first Rafi’s Spicebox shop in Sudbury, Suffolk in 1989. The business is now largely established within Yorkshire, running its Mail Order department from York, and holding three popular and recognisable purple shops in York, Harrogate and Sudbury.

Rafi Fernandez was born and raised in Hyderabad, India. She moved to England aged 21 in 1965, marrying her Malaysian childhood pen-pal shortly afterwards. Through their combined heritage and many travels around the world, Rafi became an expert in Indian and Malaysian cooking.

She wrote a number of cookbooks and taught many classes to people in her local community. Rafi was a determined and passionate lady, and her shop in Sudbury is still there today; a testament to her hard work and unforgettable personality. The award-winning business is now run by her son, Kevin Fernandez, who ensures his mother’s legacy continues and is devoted to sharing his culinary knowledge and providing the foundation to enable customers to create great tasting food.

Since 1989, Rafi’s Spicebox has been on a mission to change people’s perceptions of Indian food. They’re introducing new ways of thinking and new ways of eating. Forget rich, oily dishes and be inspired by fragrant, colourful combinations. Refresh your meals with honest, handmade and healthy food!

Their signature product is the easy-to-use Rafi’s Curry Packs, which are hand mixed to order and tailored to your tastes. Each spice blend comes complete with instructions for you to take home and cook up an incredible Indian meal for your family and friends.

Find over 300 Rafi’s Spicebox lines in Booths stores or visit one of our five Rafi’s counters at Clitheroe, Burscough, Windermere, Ilkley and Knutsford. There over 50 bespoke curry recipes to choose from where a team member in store will help choose the perfect recipe for you. Their personalised service includes in-store tasters, meal plan recommendations and special cooking demonstrations!