Squirrel Sisters

The Squirrel Sisters Gracie and Sophie

The Squirrel Sisters aka real life sisters Gracie and Sophie, never initially planned to start a multi award winning business. It all began when they started a fun blog to document their passion for healthy and delicious discoveries and recipes while living on opposite sides of the world. They gained a following quickly and saw an opportunity to build a business. After much planning and hard work they launched their range of snack bars in 2015. Gracie had already developed the recipes as she made them for Sophie, because she has a gluten intolerance. They found at the time there wasn’t really anything available that was gluten-free and refined sugar free, which tasted like an indulgent treat with the bonus of health benefits! Today the Squirrel Sisters work with a family-run factory in the UK, who are just as passionate about taste, quality and innovation as they are. The bars are beautifully packaged in fully recyclable materials, as well as being made with 100% raw, natural and plant-based ingredients of the highest quality.