The Prince’s Countryside Fund

We are very proud to support the Prince’s Countryside Fund, which was founded in 2010 by the Prince of Wales to help ensure a sustainable future for Britain’s rural areas. It’s a cause which is close to our hearts, because so many of our brilliant producers, stores and staff are based in rural communities. We want farming to be a viable, accessible occupation for the next generation of food producers, for rural communities to be and stay strong, and for our customers to understand why the countryside is so important to us all. Funding The Prince’s Countryside brings these goals closer so, as Edwin Booth says, “Booths did not have to think twice about supporting this fine initiative.”

Twice a year, the Fund awards grants to rural projects that will help achieve its aims. Any project, large or small, can apply. Nearly £1.1 million has been given to fund 35 projects including apprenticeship schemes in Cumbria and the Yorkshire Moors to support and encourage young people to become hill farmers, and training vouchers for learning technical rural skills (tractors don’t drive themselves) via The Farmer Network in the Northwest. Children are encouraged to visit and appreciate the countryside through farm visit projects and city farms, while the Fund is also tackling the demise of amenities in rural villages by supporting Pub is the Hub, which identifies ways of turning pubs into community hotspots.

Because of the valuable work it does and the need for us all to value the countryside and its future, it’s important that people know about The Prince’s Countryside Fund. Throughout the year, and especially during National Countryside Week, we aim to explain to our customers what great work the Fund does and why we support it. We also put the logo on our Herdwick and saltmarsh lamb, two delicious products which are at the heart of traditional farming in our region. If it wasn’t for the countryside, Booths shelves’ would be pretty empty. The Prince’s Countryside Fund is important to us all.

A donation will be made to the fund for each item purchased with The Prince’s Countryside Fund logo. Alternatively, text pcfbooths to 70300 to donate £3. To find out how you can further support The Prince’s Countryside Fund visit