Clarence Court Eggs

Diversity has come to a simple staple, a range that makes cooking and eating eggs exciting, bringing a wide variety of flavours, textures and colours. There’s pastel blue, green and pinkish eggs laid by the Old Cotswold Legbar; deep chestnut brown eggs from Mabel Pearman’s Burford Brown hens and the translucent eggs of Braddock White ducks available in store.

Offering the widest range of eggs sold in Britain, Clarence Court specialist farmers are dedicated and passionate about poultry. They nurture their birds, guaranteeing all the care they need. The birds roam free on acres of England’s green land and graze on the best enriched diet. This shows in every one of their finest, free range eggs and why the yolks are so rich and golden.

Collectors’ Eggs

In 1928 a ship arrived in Britain from Chile carrying a very extraordinary cargo. In its hold was a giant 100 year old Galapagos tortoise, two pygmy deer, a number of edible frogs, some exquisite alpine flowers from the foothills of the Andes – and three Araucana hens, laying pastel-coloured eggs This fauna and flora had been gathered by the pioneering botanist collector and horticulturalist, Clarence Elliot. The tortoise – Tommy – became a great attraction at London Zoo, the newspapers reporting how he had been saved by Elliot, narrowly escaping being made into soup at a Chilean restaurant.

Ninety years later, Clarence Elliot’s three Araucana hens have a yet more enduring legacy: Sent to Cambridge University they were crossbred over the years, eventually to become the exceptional ‘Old Cotswold Legbor’ the foundation bird of Clarence Court – a very remarkable egg form. Producing eggs from rare breeds and different species, Clarence Court has revolutionised the way we enjoy eggs while creating an exemplary system putting the welfare of the birds at the forefront.

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