Desserts Range Review

Desserts Range Review

Our Buyer Melisa has updated our range of desserts on shelf in store to include a delicious range of products for all occasions. Whether you’re looking for a ready to eat dessert, an ingredient for your tasty bakes or a little something to pour over your cakes, puddings and ice creams, there is something for everyone. With an increased range of premium desserts and wonderful new vegan products half of the range is new, with 40 lines added.

Melisa is very enthusiastic about the new products on offer. She says,

“I’ve focused on adding a range of new products that will delight all ages and all nutritional lifestyles — I’m particularly excited by our increased range of vegan products!”

Just Wholefoods Vegan Jellies

Just Wholefoods Vegan Jellies

Just Wholefoods have been making top-notch plant-based food since 1989. Melisa has introduced a selection of their powder jellies to the dessert aisle in store, she says,

“The Just Wholefoods vegan Jellies are excellent, I wasn’t a jelly lover before and these have converted me!”

Now available:

Just Wholefood Vegan Raspberry Jelly Powder, 85g
Just Wholefood Vegan Strawberry Jelly Powder, 85g
Just Wholefood Tropical Strawberry Jelly Powder, 85g

Biona Fruit Purees

Biona Fruit Purees

The Biona story begins in the 1970s on the west coast of Ireland, where co-founder Noel McDonald was learning to live off the land. Passion for respectfully grown produce firmly established, he moved to London to open one of the country’s earliest organic focused shops: Windmill Wholefoods in Fulham. A year later a vegetarian, wholefood restaurant was added, providing delicious healthy lunch and suppers.

There, Noel met fellow organic advocate Donata Berger. With their shared motivation to bring the benefits of organic to more people, the pair went on to found the UK’s first organic company, Windmill Organics. In 1992, they created a brand they would be proud to stock. The company’s first brand would be about purely organic, ethically and sustainably sourced food. Delicious food. They named it Biona: Bio being the root of the word for ‘organic’ in many languages, and na from ‘nature’.

Biona operates on the knowledge that organic food has a positive impact – for the environment, for wildlife and for those that eat it. Their mission remains to make it easy for people to choose food that’s good for you and great for the planet.

All Biona products are grown on organic land to the highest welfare and environmental standards. This means they produce premium quality, nutrient-packed ingredients, while enhancing soil quality. Local wildlife is protected, and local waterways are free from chemical leaching. All of their products are free from GMO, preservatives, and artificial pesticides. Biona exclude air freight from logistics, avoiding the extra emissions that come with flying which can be up to 50 times more carbon dioxide emissions compared with sea freight.

The headquarters are run on 100% renewable energy and nearly 70% of the Biona range is produced with renewable energy, too. They’re ahead of the curve on plastic-free, offering many products in glass jars and switching to cardboard and paper on many more. Plus, they’re hot on food waste, partnering with charities to get good food to people that need it.

At the heart of it all, they’re committed to creating a healthier future for you and the planet.

Noel and Donata still play an active role in the business, alongside their two daughters and a growing team of engaged co-workers who make every day happen. They consider it an extended-family affair:

“The Biona Organic family reaches far beyond the founders and our co-workers, it also includes our loyal customers, as together we build a future based on trust and protecting nature”

Noel, founder of Biona

New to our desserts selection in store are Biona Organic Fruit Purees, deliciously blended organic fruits that make the perfect addition to pancake, yoghurts, baking or as a treat.

Biona Apple and Mango Puree, 360g
A vibrant puree combining the sweet, mild flavour of juicy mangos with crisp, fresh apples.

Biona Apple and Apricot Puree, 360g
A sweet, fresh and fruity puree packed with apple and apricot.

Biona Apple and Banana Puree, 360g
A delicious blend of fresh bananas and sumptuously sweet apples.

Biona Apple Puree, 360g
This smooth and velvety puree contains no added sugar, just 100% certified organic apples.

Jude’s Custards and Dessert Sauces

Jude's Custard and Dessert Sauces

Jude’s are proudly carbon-negative, B-Corp certified award-winning crafters of delicious treats that you’ll already know well from the freezer aisle in store.

Jude’s are passionate in their pursuit of creating the best possible sweet treats no matter what your dietary requirements, from vegan friendly custard to rich, chocolate sauce made with real Belgian chocolate. Constantly tasting, testing and innovating, they have scooped up over 50 Great Taste Awards so far. If you’d like to know more about this family company, you can read their full story by clicking here.

We’re delighted to add a selection of Jude’s sauces and custards to the dessert aisle so you can elevate your ice cream and puds to the next level.

Jude’s Vegan Madagascan Vanilla Custard, 500ml
Sweet and smooth vegan vanilla custard made with an oat base and Madagascan vanilla.

Jude’s Vegan Belgian Chocolate Custard, 500ml
Rich and indulgent vegan chocolate custard made with an oat base and Belgian chocolate.

Jude’s Madagascan Vanilla Custard, 500ml
Smooth vanilla custard made with real Madagascan vanilla.

Jude’s Belgian Chocolate Custard, 500ml
Rich and indulgent chocolate custard made with real Belgian chocolate.

Jude’s Chocolate Sauce, 300g
Made with real cream and Belgian Chocolate, Jude’s rich and indulgent Chocolate sauce is the perfect complement to ice cream, pancakes and more!

Jude’s Maple Sauce, 300g
Jude’s Maple sauce has been crafted as the perfect complement to our ice creams.  Made with 15% pure Canadian maple syrup its light flavour adds a sweet, gently roasted note to ice cream.

Jude’s Salted Caramel Sauce, 300g
Made with real cream, Jude’s Salted Caramel Sauce is a smooth, salty-sweet sauce that will add a creamy finish to your favourite dessert.

Flower & White

Flower & White Meringues

Co-founded by Leanne and Brian Crowther, Flower & White began life supplying giant Swiss meringues, made by hand in the couple’s shed. Fast track to 2021, and the now multi award-winning brand is creating a storm in the better-for-you desserts and confectionery category with their light, melt-in-your-mouth meringues.

These meringues are a delight to the eyes and to the taste buds. Who said meringues should only be eaten during summer?


Both avid foodies, Brian had always excelled as an innovative baker, creating delicious cakes and bakes. The pair soon identified their sweet spot, crafting amazing mouth-watering meringues using a unique Swiss recipe. By heating the sugar and gently adding it to fluffy, whisked up free-range egg whites before slowly baking at low temperatures, they create the melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness that you’d expect from a high-quality meringue. Their meringues contain only natural flavours and colours, are free of palm oil, suitable for vegetarians and are gluten-free. All chocolate used in any Flower & White product is Fairtrade, ensuring the farmers who supply the cocoa beans are fairly paid.

Regular winners at the Great Taste Awards (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) they’ve just added a further 3 stars to their collection in 2021’s awards.

We’re delighted to be stocked in Booths, a brand whose heritage is aligned with Flower & White’s commitment to supplying the best tasting food created using the finest ingredients, all produced responsibly and with a determination to adopting the best sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Flower & White

In Store now:

Rainbow Fruit Meringue Kisses, 100g
A flavour packed assortment of Passionfruit, Black Cherry, Lemon, and Raspberry.
Ideal for snacking, desserts or even as decorative moreish cake toppers.

Meringue Clouds: White Chocolate & Raspberry, Twin Pack

Magnificent, as light as a cloud handcrafted meringues created using exceptional ingredients, baked to a traditional Swiss recipe, and drizzled with Fairtrade white chocolate. These are perfect for a showstopper dessert. Split and dollop with fresh berries and crème fraîche or fill with cream or curd, then drizzle with a coulis of your choice. Or simply make an Eton Mess without the stress!

Also new to the desserts aisle in store:

Salted caramel sauce, angel delight and creme brulee

Bakery Delight Trifle Sponge, 8 Pack
Bakery Delights Sponge Fingers, 125g
Bakery Delights Sweet Shortcrust Butter Tartlets, 90g
Bakery Delights Mini Sweet Shortcrust Butter Tartlets, 180g
Angel Delight Unicorn Kit, Each
Angel Delight Dinosaur Kit, Each
Macphie Ott Chocolate Sauce, 500ml
Macphie Ott Salted Caramel Sauce, 500ml
Macphie Crème Brulee, 1ltr
Macphie Panna Cotta, 1ltr

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