Flavorking Plums


Flavorking plums were originally founded in America by Chris ‘Floyd’ Zaiger who was one of the most well known stone fruit growers in the 20th century. His knowledge of understanding the importance of varietal development and breeding is still relevant today.

In the mid 1960’s Zaiger’s focus was on developing a Plum and Apricot cross by mixing the different pollen from each fruit type by hand. After countless trials and results the ‘Plumcots’ were found, a Plum/Apricot cross with good flavour, fruit size and yield from the fruit trees for the farmers. Then in the late 1980’s Zaiger carried out trials with the best of the ‘Plumcots,’ crossing them with plums leading to the creation of ‘Pluots.’

Pluots revolutionised the Plum category and each one has unique characteristics with intense flavours. Included in the Pluot family are the Flavorking variety as well as Dapple Dandy and Flavor Fall.

Flavorkings are large and dark-skinned with a crimson blush in the flesh and plenty of juice. As the name suggests, they score highly for flavour in taste tests, with a distinctive fruit punch flavour that’s reminiscent of bubble-gum. They are a natural good source of Vitamins A and C and also high in fibre and potassium.

This variety of plum is difficult to grow and best suited for sunny South Africa, where the climate in certain areas can be conducive for Flavorking and allowing the distinctive taste to be achieved. Many of our South African growers are involved in various sustainability initiatives including netting, solar power, recycling and water usage reduction strategies. Alongside this they have initiatives for Education and Skills development, health and employee wellbeing and economic empowerment.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the delicious taste of the Flavorking plum!