Free From Range Review

Free From Range Review

Our new free from range is bringing you all the daily essentials you need like bread and milk alternatives, and even more daily delights including sweet treats and cooking and dipping sauces – that’ll make your dinners nothing short of delicious.

Haris, our buyer decided it was time to shake things up creating a range that won’t disappoint, bringing new brands to our shelves and adding nearly 100 new products!

Free From doesn’t just mean gluten free, it incorporates all sorts of foods which are exclusive of dairy, nuts, gluten and soy amongst others. Historically free from foods have been known to be ‘not quite the same’ or a lesser version of the ‘original’ but not at Booths! We believe if you lead a free from lifestyle you shouldn’t have to compromise on exceptional quality or taste.

Unlike other supermarkets our range isn’t filled up with lots of own label products, so we’re offering our customers a lot more choice and variety. Brands they won’t see elsewhere.

Haris Deane, Buyer

As always we’ve tried to squeeze in as much variety into our stores as we possibly can, so come and take a look for yourself – you might even find a new fave!



From its beginnings over a decade ago, Noel and Donata creators of Amisa have been on a mission to provide free-from foodies with unique alternatives that don’t compromise on taste. Flavour should always be at the heart of what we eat, and they believe ‘free-from’ food should be no different. Founded from a shared belief that people with special dietary needs shouldn’t miss out, regardless of allergies, intolerances or dietary preferences.

Amisa has always and continues to source the best quality, organic, ethical ingredients. Very often, ‘free-from’ foods use traditional ingredients, simply processing out the gluten. Instead, Amisa always use ingredients that are naturally free-from, and combine them in clever recipes to create satisfying, flavourful food that brings excitement back into the kitchen.

Now available at Booths:

Amisa Olive Ciabatta, 180g
Classic Italian style bread, ready in 10 minutes.

Amisa Organic Chocolate Cake Mix, 400g
A classic recipe with a deep chocolate flavour – chocoholics will not be disappointed! Gluten free and can be made vegan with nut milk and chia seeds in replacement of eggs.

Amisa Organic Brown Rice Flour, 500g
Rice originates from South Asia and is a food staple for most of the world’s population. It is naturally gluten free. Amisa mill their organic whole rice grains extra fine. Ideal for making pancakes, cookies or for use in baking and sauces.

Amisa Organic Chestnut Flour, 500g
Organic ground chestnuts with a sweet and nutty flavour. Use as a replacement for flour in cooking, this has a sweet and nutty flavour and is gluten free and vegan.

Amisa Organic Chickpea Flour, 500g
One of the earliest cultivated legumes. 7,500 year old remains have been discovered in the Middle- East. Use for Hummus, Falafel mixes or to make Panelle flat breads. Chickpeas are rich in protein, fibre and are naturally gluten free.

Amisa Organic Chocolate Brownie Mix, 400g
Moreish brownie mix with a hint of vanilla, this yummy treat can also be made vegan with nut milk and chia seeds in replacement of eggs.

Amisa Organic Focaccia Rolls, 220g
Classic gluten free Italian style bread rolls.

Ginger Bakers

Ginger Bakers Range

The Ginger Bakers was born from Lisa’s own kitchen at home in 2006. Working hard ever since, Lisa and her now growing team of talented bakers have crafted an inspiring array of award-winning cakes and bakes, building a strong and successful business.

Each cake Ginger Bakers create has a unique story and is crafted using only the finest freshest ingredients, the proof really is in the bake with them gaining 18 Great Taste Awards so far! The ingredients are locally sourced where possible using free range eggs and these delicious delights are always made with sustainability in mind. Inspiration comes from everywhere, including historical recipes, provenance of the ingredients, or links to the surrounding community or local charities the team support.

A major part of Lisa’s business philosophy revolves around sharing, growing, nurturing and developing not just herself and her team but also those she meets in the community. Really seeing and feeling the community spirit created by helping and giving back.

New to Booths:

Cranberry, Orange & White Chocolate Flapjack, 40g
Sticky, fruity and wholesome with chunks of white chocolate and a white chocolate drizzle.

Caramel Shortbread, 45g
Heaven in a slice! Buttery shortbread base, a smooth sticky caramel centre with a dash of dark Belgian chocolate on top.

Chocolate Brownie, 40g
Rich fudgy and immensely chocolatey with a hint of vanilla.

Chocolate Nancy, 55g
An eye catching cheeky oat bar crammed with fruit and nut goodness with a smothering of dark Belgian chocolate.

Ginger Jake, 50g
A satisfyingly chewy toasted oat bar with warming ginger spice.


H!P Chocolate Range

James couldn’t seem to find a good quality vegan chocolate that he enjoyed or even wanted to repurchase, and so inspired by his great-great-great Grandfather, John Cadbury (you might recognise the name) he decided to create his own.

In the 19th century, the Cadbury family revolutionised confectionery by making one of the first ever milk chocolate bars. Nearly 200 years later, James is following in the family footsteps with the aim of creating next generation chocolate, replacing dairy with plant-based creamy oat milk. After launching H!P earlier this year, it’s safe to say H!P has certainly been a hit!

These bars are brilliant inside and out. The plastic-free packaging definitely catches your eye with bold, funky designs and the contents delivers with feel-good ingredients and on-trend flavour combinations like Salty Pretzel and Cookies No Cream.

Vegan chocolate is usually either dark or uses coconut/rice milk which negatively affects the flavour and texture. James found that oat milk, with its growing popularity, gives a really smooth and creamy texture without a compromise in flavour. He combined this with the best quality single-origin Colombian cacao to create a really delicious and indulgent alternative to (dairy) milk chocolate.

Delivering Happiness in Plants to everyone on the planet, pioneering a progressive, kind and ethical attitude to chocolate without compromising on flavour.

Now available at Booths:

H!P Choc Cookies No Cream Oat Choc, 70g
H!P Choc Org Oat Milk Choc, 70g
H!P Choc Salted Caramel Oat Milk Choc, 70g
H!P Salty Pretzel Oat Milk Choc, 70g


LoveRaw Range

LoveRaw began in 2013 with a crazy idea to make legendary vegan chocolate that tastes like chocolate. Ever since, they have disrupted the vegan confectionery market with multi award-winning, delicious and innovative products like their Cre&m Wafer Bar range, which comes in three delicious flavours.

LoveRaw’s mission is to continue making vegan chocolate that tastes like ‘chocolate chocolate’, whilst maintaining their honest, transparent and no artificial nonsense roots. Proving that vegan chocolate can be decadently indulgent, not only for vegans, but for unvegan vegans too.

New to Booths:

M:lk Choc Cre&m Wafer, 43g
The ultimate vegan indulgence; a crispy wafer loaded with a layer of fluffy vegan hazelnut cream and topped off with a coating of LoveRaw’s iconic chocolate. 

White Choc Cre&m Wafer, 45g
The ultimate White Chocolate vegan indulgence; a crispy wafer loaded with a layer of fluffy vegan hazelnut and almond cream and topped off with a coating of LoveRaw’s iconic White chocolate.

Salted Caramel Cre&m Wafer, 45g
The ultimate Salted Caramel vegan indulgence; a crispy wafer loaded with a layer of fluffy vegan salted caramel cream and topped with a salted caramel coating. 


Oatly creamy oat

Oatly are the world’s original and largest oat drink company. Back in 1990, in Sweden, Lund University to be exact, a team of savvy scientists researching the underlying factors of lactose intolerance began to explore using crops directly for human consumption rather than for animal feed. Cutting out the middle cow you might say.

Over the next 20 plus years, they have exclusively focused on developing expertise around oats: a global power crop with inherent properties suited for sustainability and health. Which is fortunate for Oatly, since their mission is to create food and drink products that have maximum nutritional value without irresponsibly taxing the planets resources.

Oatlys’ commitment to the humble oat has resulted in core technical advancements that have enabled to create many dairy alternatives, including the likes of milk, ice cream, yogurt, cooking creams, and spreads.

New to Booths:

Oatly Creamy Oat Single Cream Organic Long Life, 250ml
Oatly took one of the best products they make in Sweden and remade it entirely of organic ingredients for their friends in the UK. It’s perfect for any type of cooking you’d like to do, and contains quality fat which means that it is rich in unsaturated fat.

Only Plant Based

Only Plant Based Sauces

The journey of Only Plant Based began in 2017, the Vegan, Vegetarian and Flexitarian markets were still in their infancy and Plant Based options often disappointed the taste buds.

As the choice and quality of Plant Based meals improved and with the likes of veggie burgers and ‘chicken strips’ new to the market, sure they were delicious but something was always missing. You can’t have a great burger without a great sauce and you can’t have veggie ‘chicken strips’ without something to dip them in! So the seed for Only Plant Based was sown.

Only Plant Based set out to create a great tasting range of plant based mayo’s and sauces that can be used hot or cold, that would delight everyone and compliment any occasion! Suitable for Vegans, Coeliacs. Wheat, Gluten and Dairy free. Non-GMO.

What’s In Store:

Only Plant Based Chipotle, 325ml
The Spicy One.The Great Taste Award winning Chipotle Mayo is just the thing to liven up any meal time. A smoky chipotle infused mayo gives you the kick you’re looking for to liven the taste buds and give any meals a burst of flavour. Perfect for tacos, wraps, Tex-Mex bowls or any Mexican dish.

Only Plant Based Ranch Dressing, 325ml
The American One.Yehawww …….Ranch is the Only Plant Based take on this Classic American style dressing, it’s rich and creamy with the perfect amount of tang to cool your “spicy cauliflower wings”. Perfect for pizzas, great with Nacho’s, use it in dips, sandwiches, salads and more…

Only Plant Based Sour Cream, 325ml
The Cool One.This cool new kid on the block is luxuriously, thick and creamy. Only Plant based sour cream provides a cooling freshness perfect with any Mexican style food like nachos, chillies, and tortillas but also great on baked potatoes and super for dipping.


When Gurjeet headed to university the last thing he was expecting was to start a hugely successful family business.

It all began when his mum Charlie started to send her home cooked sauces to him to use for his meals because he missed her cooking so much. It started to become a regular occurrence and she began to cook a batch for him every day.

Little did she know that Gurjeet had enormous demand for the delicious sauce from his friends, they couldn’t get enough! Word had got around and he had started selling his mums famous sauces around the campus for beer money! When the secret came out the family knew there was a demand for something more traditional and that is how Punjaban was born.

Still to this day, every jar that is lovingly hand-made with the finest authentic ingredients with the same care and attention as Gurjeet’s curry was when he was missing his mums proper Punjabi cooking.

The sauces are completely vegan, contain no gluten, dairy or nuts and no artificial colours, additives or preservatives.

New to Booths:

Punjaban Butter Chicken Base, 350g
Punjaban Tikka Masala Curry, 350g
Punjaban Tamarind Curry Base, 350g
Punjaban Keema Curry Sauce, 350g
Punjaban Authentic Hot Curry Sauce, 350g


I drew my first breath under the roof of my family’s pasta factory in Benevento, in the heart of the Italian region known for the world’s finest pasta.  My life’s mission has always been clear: to make ours the best.”

Cosimo Rummo

The story of Rummo begins in 1846, in the city of Benevento, when Antonio Rummo starts a milling activity, and immediately after starts producing Pasta.

This year, Rummo celebrates its 175th anniversary.  175 years of experience, pursuing one ambition: to make the best pasta in the world.

The secret of their pasta is in the Lenta Lavorazione®: a method based on the quest for excellence at every phase of the production process. This preserves the main characteristics of the finest ingredients and gives Rummo pasta outstanding cooking performance.

Rummo is the first pasta to have a certified cooking performance, guaranteed on each batch. Therefore, it’s always al dente, firm and with a pleasing texture, thanks to its outstanding cooking performance.

Now at Booths:

Rummo Gluten Free pasta is produced selecting only GMO-free brown rice, yellow and white corn. Blended with a natural, ancient element: steam. Thanks to their Lavorazione al Vapore® Method (Steam processing), and to the bronze extrusion they slowly obtain Rummo Gluten Free, a pasta with an incomparable firmness and a rough surface, able to deliciously catch all kind of sauces.

Rummo Gluten Free Penne, 400g
Brings one of the most popular Italian pasta shapes to the gluten-free table. These ridged tubes combine perfectly with both classic and modern sauces. Cooks in 12 minutes.

Rummo Gluten Free Spaghetti, 400g
Gluten Free Spaghetti is perfectly adapted to whatever preparation you like the most:  with clam sauce, simple tomatoes and basil, oil, chilli and garlic, to name just a few. Cooks in 10 minutes.

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