Lovingly Artisan

Lovingly Artisan are an award-winning sourdough bakery based at Plumgarths near Kendal. They also have bread stores in Altrincham Market in South Manchester and attend Kendal Farmer’s Market every month.

The bakery was co-founded by husband and wife duo, Aidan Monks and Catherine Connor. Born from a need to eat and enjoying the taste of fresh bread, Lovingly Artisan are committed to using natural ingredients, baked with love to share with their customers.

Aidan is an artisanal baker with decades of experience in sourdough breadmaking, using traditional slow fermentation, organic British flours and ancient grains. In 2019 he won Baker of the Year in the Baking Industry Awards, an honour that can only be conferred once!

Every loaf is lovingly hand-crafted using organic stoneground grains and heritage grains blended with the finest ingredients. Real sourdough bread is leavened naturally using wild yeast which naturally ferments it to create a rich flavour with a naturally long shelf life.

Aidan works closely with farmers and millers to source the best flour he can, championing the use of heritage-grain flours to create breads which are good for the tummy and for the soil!

Lovingly Artisan have achieved various awards over the past decade from being voted Britain’s Best Bakery, Cumbria Food Producers of the year and Britain’s Best Loaf with the Malted Barley Sourdough.