St Ewe Eggs

St Ewe Eggs

St. Ewe Free-Range Eggs are a multi-award winning, family-run, free-range egg producer based in Cornwall. Their mission is to be leaders of innovation and warriors of welfare whilst championing British farming to turn their business into a force for good.

The Tonks Family started out as Jersey dairy farmers before diversifying into poultry in 1982, selling eggs through Noble Foods before the family took a leap of faith as an independent packer in 2007. With a strong focus on their Cornish roots, St. Ewe Free Range Eggs was born.

Today, Ventonwyn houses two trial flocks and St. Ewe’s portfolio now extends to 600,000 hens from 30 family-run farms across the Southwest, Wales and Northern Ireland, all of which follow St. Ewe’s exacting standards of high welfare and nutrition.

They have forged strong relationships with like-minded farmers who meet their exceptionally high standards. All producers are Lion Code accredited and feed their flocks with St. Ewe’s bespoke, highly nutritious feed supplied by credible suppliers, ensuring delicious eggs of consistent quality.

Every egg comes from a free-ranging hen who has the freedom to forage and roam in clean, fresh air. As a hen matures, she lays different sized eggs from small eggs to extra-large eggs and St. Ewe have harnessed along with a nutritional focus to bring their unique brand to the market.

St. Ewe are consistently working towards reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible through innovations such as their new corrugated cardboard cartons that have various environmental benefits. All paper used in the cartons is 100% recycled, recyclable and compostable! The cartons are produced using green planet energy, utilising 100% wind and water energy with all the machines operating carbon neutral.

On the 3rd July this year two teams from St. Ewe set out on a mission to set a new Guinness World Record title for the World’s Longest Egg and Spoon Race.

The teams had just 5 days to race along the 300-miles of Cornwall’s undulating coastline, in a bid to set the World Record to raise awareness of Cornwall as an agricultural region and the challenges facing the food, farming, and hospitality industries the county is famed for.

They crossed the finish line achieving not one but two World Records whilst raising over £38,000 for two pivotal charities – Hospitality Action and Cornwall Air Ambulance.

St. Ewe have achieved numerous awards including Poultry Business of the Year at the National Egg & Poultry Awards 2023, demonstrating their growth year upon year and being at the forefront of innovation and technological developments.