The Cambridge Confectionery Company

The Cambridge Confectionery Company were founded by Nigel Baker and his wife Debs in 1989, born from the family fudge company Calico Cottage.

Together they transformed it into the largest supplier of fudge-making equipment and ingredients in the UK. Three generations of the Baker family have contributed to the business over the years, keeping it firmly rooted in a family tradition in the love of crafting products and the machinery needed to do it.

After years of continued success in the world of fudge, a new opportunity beckoned in the realm of chocolate making. Nigel, ever the entrepreneurial spirit with an engineering background, couldn’t resist the challenge of venturing into something new. In 2016 he surprised the team by arriving at the factory with chocolate making equipment in the back of his van assuring them that they were only embarking on a small, exclusive artisan range.

The company’s’ heritage of confectionery innovation led to the development of a unique range. Nigel shared with the team the historic photographs of generations before him crafting swirled slabs and handmade creations. These timeless snapshots signified his family’s longstanding tradition of British confectionery craftsmanship whilst also serving as inspiration for the contemporary delights they create today. Nigel’s journey into the chocolate realm was a natural evolution, guided by the family’s love of creativity.

The chocolate range quickly expanded as demand surged. Realising that their chocolate operation required a distinct identity, separate from Calico, which was distinctly known for fudge, they introduced The Cambridge Confectionery Co. in response to the growing demand.

Seven years on and their days are filled with crafting, designing, and savouring exquisite chocolate in the picturesque Cambridgeshire countryside, where Calico and the Baker family have called home for over three decades. Their chocolate products are meticulously crafted on-site by a highly talented team of chocolatiers, upholding the highest standards of quality. Their chocolatiers have never attended formal courses to avoid being influenced by existing market trends, instead being led by homegrown expertise which has resulted in a unique chocolate experience.

Customers can indulge in the knowledge that their luxury treats are made with great care by people who share the same passion for chocolate. With their extensive experience in fudge making, they’ve explored various trends, but they’ve discovered that there’s nothing quite like the simple pleasure of biting into something you already know you’ll love. Whether it’s the familiar comfort of salted caramel or the nostalgia of a classic like fruit & nut, their chocolate offerings are indulgent yet straightforward. They are dedicated to creating chocolate that tastes as wonderful as it looks, never compromising on quality.