Tiramisu Soufflé Martini

Tiramisu Soufflé Martini
  • 1 servings
  • 2 minutes to prepare
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  • For The Foam:
  • 2 shots espresso
  • 1 egg white
  • 1tsp sugar
  • For The Cocktail:
  • 1 shot amaretto
  • 1 shot vodka
  • 1 shot caramel syrup
  • 1 shot espresso
  • To Garnish:
  • 3 coffee beans



  1. Fill a cocktail shaker half full with ice then add 2 shots of espresso, an egg white and 1 tsp sugar. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
  2. Pour the foam into a martini glass.
  3. Half fill the cocktail shaker again with ice and add the shots of amaretto, vodka, caramel syrup and espresso, then shake for 30 seconds.
  4. Poke a hole into the coffee foam and pour in the cocktail. The foam will rise to form a souffle.
  5. Garnish with 3 coffee beans in the centre.

Chef’s Tip:
Use a straight sided cocktail glass for a tall, impressive souffle rise.