Esporão Oils

Esporão are a family run business producing internationally award-winning olive oils from their estate in the beautiful pristine Alentejo region of Portugal.

The birth of Esporão Olive Oils came from the desire to apply their heritage and knowledge of wine production to the world of olive oil. The agricultural practices enable Esporão to produce an exceptional range of olive oils, using traditional natural methods to preserve the juice from the harvested olives.

Just like the wines, the oils have a master blender, Ana, who with her team create the delicious range of olive oils that have won a number of awards at prestigious competitions including Olive Japan and New York International Olive Oil Competition.

Everything comes full circle at the Esporão estate, energy is created from the crushed olive stones to provide light and heat at the estate and the mill.

The uniquely designed bottles are created with dark glass to protect the olive oil from the sun so they can be kept out in your kitchen, looking gorgeous ready to add to your next dish.

Recipe Ideas with Esporão Olive Oils :

Butternut Squash Soup with Esporão Selecção

Lemon Twist Biscuits with Esporão Galega

What you’ll find in store:

Esporao Galega

Esporão Galega Organic Extra Virgin, 500ml

Single variety cold pressed olive oil, sustainably produced from fresh green Galega olives. A wonderfully fruity olive oil that’s perfect for every occasion with soft aromas, particularly apple and a nutty hazelnut finish.

Esporao Organic

Esporão Organic Extra Virgin, 500ml

Cold pressed and sustainably produced with olives from ancient Galega olive trees and a twist of Cobrançosa and Verdeal varieties giving notes of green apple and almonds. Delicious when drizzled on dishes and salads or simply dunking hunks of bread.

Esporão Selecção Extra Virgin, 500ml

Appreciated by the most demanding foodies, this cold pressed and sustainably produced olive oil uses Cobrançosa olives at different degrees of ripeness for a complex and award-winning flavour.