Booths Make Pancakes

Written on February 20th, 2015

Booths Make Pancakes

This week we’ve been celebrating Shrove Tuesday with some wonderful pancake recipes. Tuesday saw some brilliant creations shared on our social channels with the #BoothsMakePancakes tag!

Pancake Social Images

On Twitter, Zoë Dawes – @QuirkyTraveller shared the taste of Italy with her Sorrento Lemons – perfect for a traditional lemon and sugar pancakes.

And on Pinterest, Karen Burns Booth from Lavender and Lovage shared her mouthwatering Lavender and Honey pancakes.

We believe pancakes shouldn’t just be eaten once a year, so why not make some more this weekend? We stock the ingredients all year round, so pop in to your local Booths and pick up your favourite toppings – personally, we’re partial to the classic sugar and lemon!