Top Grazing Table Picks

Written on July 10th, 2024

Escape to the Mediterranean with our mouthwatering grazing table, perfect for the whole family. From cheese that pleases to delightful drizzles and cured meats, we have all you need for the perfect summer table!

Our buyers have chosen a delicious selection of their favourite authentic Italian and Italian-inspired nibbles to create a tasty sharing table. Or why not use this to curate the perfect picnic and enjoy it al-fresco?

Crosta & Mollica Pane Pugliese

Italian toasting bread. Made in deliciously traditional fashion with golden durum wheat and lievito madre — natural mother yeast, in Inglese — this authentic Pugliese bread is equally delicious toasted and served as bruschetta or topped with a little butter and a generous spreading of an indulgent Crosta & Mollica conserve at breakfast.

Italianavera San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano is a very delicate tomato with a thin skin, which keeps its flavour for a long time even with preservation, but which must be handled with care. Harvested in the very fertile territory, in the area around Naples, that is the Agro nocerino – sarnese, in the province of Salerno, it is recognised by the PDO designation. Preserved in a soft San Marzano tomato juice, it is ideal for simple spaghetti dishes, or why not pair with Crosta & Mollica Pane Pugliese to make a delicious bruschetta?

Muraglia Rainbow Olive Oil Bottle

A handmade and painted ceramic bottle, showcasing all the goodness of the Apulia region: craftsmanship, tradition and quality. Frantoio Muraglia started with this rainbow bottle a long journey that now includes tens of different designs. The Rainbow is the most popular and versatile of all.

The extra virgin olive oil inside also needs no introductions: 100% of cold pressed coratina olives, making this intense fruity oil the perfect companion to soups, raw vegetables and anything that requires an extra punch. 

Terre dei Trulli Taralli with Fennel Seeds

Taralli are delicious, dougnut-shaped Italian snacks, common in the southern half of the Italian Peninsula, and can be sweet or savoury. This tasty variety is flavoured in a traditional way, with fennel seeds.

Cumbrian Garlic Salami

Made in Cumbria, but rooted in Italian history, this is a flavourful blend of pork and garlic.

From the Cheesemonger: Grana Padano

Full-bodied, this hard cheese delivers a savoury and nutty touch with a dense and somewhat flaky texture. Creamy, mild and with a lingering aftertaste, it can be enjoyed on its own or as an accoutrement to your dish.

From the Cheesemonger: Pecorino Sardo

Made from sheep’s milk, Pecorino Sardo is a semi-hard and semi- cooked sweet cheese. It has grainy crystals with a nuttier and milder flavour of spices. The cheese gets its delicate flavour from the herbs and grasses of the Mediterranean isle of Sardinia that the Sarda sheep feed on.

From the Cheesemonger: Provolone Piccante

The name is enough to make your mouth water. Provolone piccante is a semi-hard stretched cheese made from cow milk. It belongs to the pas- ta filata family, i.e., it is made with spun paste. It originated in southern Italy, in the Po valley region. The cheese got its name from the Neapoli- tan word prova or provola, which means globe-shaped.

From the Cheesemonger: Fontina

Incredibly rich and creamy, the flavours of this cheese are sweet and pungent, unveiling tones of butter and roasted nuts as it lingers on your palate. Traditionally made from unpasteurised milk, the texture is semi hard, smooth and adorned with small eyes in the body.

From the Cheesemonger: Asiago

This semi-hard cheese is made from cow’s milk and is delicious. Asiago is surprisingly versatile and can uplift any Italian recipe to a new level. The best thing about it is that it is available as fresh and aged. Fresh asiago looks white and has a soft texture and mild flavour.

All product information is correct at the time of writing. Please note, products available in store vary over time, so please check the date of this article and check before travelling. You can contact us by tapping here.