Celebrating Mum – Mother’s Day 2023

Written on February 22nd, 2023

Good for Mother's Day

This year we’re celebrating Mum for Mother’s Day! Our colleagues have shared their stories with us this year, from memories of Mum to Mothers-to-Be!

Julie Newell, Property Manager and her Mum Pam

Julie and her Mum Pam

What is your fondest memory of your mother?

I have so many! My mum is bonkers; she breaks out into dance when a good tune comes on the radio and I remember when she came to my high school sports day she randomly bought my first pair of heels on the way. My childhood was filled with magical Christmas Eve’s preparing for Father Christmas and his reindeers.

What have you learnt from her?

She has taught me resilience, courage, work ethic and what it is to be unconditionally loved. 

Do you have a favourite meal they cook and why?

My Mum is a coeliac so she’s always had to be creative, especially in the 70’s when the standard British fayre was pies and stews. Many ingredients were hard to come by but we made delicious curries with just mince beef and peas. I also loved spring when she would make bacon and jersey royals dripping with butter and poached egg.  

Nic Karran, Head of Business Development and her daughters Eva and Phoebe

What is your favourite thing to do with your mum?

We love playing games & going to the beach

Could you describe your mum in 3 words?

Silly, loving & funny

Do you have a favourite meal they cook and why?

We love when mummy makes us spaghetti Bolognese as we love pasta.

Nic and her daughters Eva and Phoebe

Louise Dunn, Learning & Engagement Manager and her Mum Julie

Louise and her Mum Julie

What is your fondest memory of your mother?

I have many special memories with my mum which are mostly centered on our shared love of good food, reading and enjoying ourselves.

The kitchen at home is my mum’s domain and has become legendary amongst our family and friends for the wonderful tastes, smells and scrumptious plates that seem to magically appear – as well as the dancing involved!

What have you learnt from her?

My mum has taught me a lot about cooking – and many other important lessons through food.

Do you have a favourite meal they cook and why?

Growing up, my mum would create dishes that reflected my dual heritage. A roast beef Sunday dinner would often be accompanied with fried plantain or a generous helping of soul warming rice and peas. A jar of homemade hot pepper sauce would never be too far away from the table.

My mum would often tell me that you can’t always start with the ingredients you want, but it’s what you do with them next that makes a winning dish. This is advice she has given me for both cooking – and life in general!

I am very lucky to have such a fabulous mum! She is definitely responsible for my love of delicious food!

Helen Clarke, Marketing Manager on her Mum Pat

What is your fondest memory of your mother?

I’m very lucky in that I have so many wonderful memories, it’s hard to choose! My mum was my best friend and we did so much together, she sadly passed away last year. I think my fondest memory would have to be all the Saturday afternoons we spent together. We’d always go somewhere – be it shopping or garden centres – but wherever we went, we always stopped at a café for a brew and a bite to eat. Simple pleasures, but such happy memories.

Helen and her Mum Pat

What have you learnt from her?

My mum was beautiful inside and out and loved by everyone she met – I think this was largely down to her personality, kindness and warmth. So if there is one thing I’ve learnt, it is to continue where she left off. To always be kind and gentle and to look after family and friends who were so dear to her.

Do you have a favourite meal they cook and why?

My mum was a fantastic cook and everything she made was amazing. My particular favourite was her homemade fish pie – bursting with Booths fish pie mix and finished with buttery mashed potato – delicious. However I think the ultimate favourite of all the family was her trifle – so simple to make but oh so tasty. I had a go at making it this Christmas, and while it was good, it obviously wasn’t as good as my mums!

Jess Dixon, Brand Marketing Manager and Mother-to-Be

We’re expecting our first baby to join us at the end of May, a little girl! Although I’ll miss Mother’s Day by a couple of months this year, I’ll be busy preparing everything for her and getting very excited to join the ‘mum club’. It feels quite surreal at the moment that soon I’ll be someone’s mum! I’m looking forward to being able to celebrate the special day in years to come with my daughter and my own mum, promoted to Granny, and to start some new traditions with a new generation of the family. Hopefully I’ll get some nice flowers and brekkie in bed too!

Will Ward, Creative Designer & Artworker and his Mum Jayne

What is your fondest memory of your mother?

My mum has always had a passion for travel which she inherited from my grandma and wanted
me to experience too. Growing up she planned some amazing holidays such as touring all the way to the South of France with our caravan and returned year after year. These were unforgettable times and fuelled my love of travel and exploration.

During lockdown we decided to finally get a new puppy; Mabel the cockapoo, after
losing the family dog several years before. Whilst working from home we became
co-parents to Mabel. We had many laughs trying to balance team meetings with
a puppy that had a serious case of the zoomies 24/7. We recently featured in the
Christmas book together with Mabel- my Mum looked the most glam as she always does!

Will and his Mum Jayne

What have you learnt from them?

She’s given me great confidence and self-belief and has always been my biggest cheerleader
in anything that I do.

Do you have a favourite meal they cook/you cook with them and why?

In our house my Mum is the Queen of the kitchen! She never fails to whip up something delicious. One of my favourites would be her vegetable lasagne which is certainly a crowd pleaser. She often hosts for the whole family and I’ve no idea how she does it. I can’t wait until I finally have my own place so I can invite her round and make her some of the great dishes I’ve grown up with – she definitely deserves it!