Curious Fresh Fruit & Veg at Booths

Written on August 20th, 2018

curious veg range

In all stores now you can find the below range of fresh veggies, sourced for us from farms around the UK by Curious Fresh Fruit & Veg, who’ve been sourcing fresh fruit and veg for the masses since 1874. Our veggie buyer Tom kindly agreed to model the fabulous range – what do we think, could he make it as a model?

Chinese Leaf Veggies

A lovely range of fresh Chinese leaf vegetables that all work very well in stir frys.

Baby Pak Choi, 90g £2
Crisp, subtle and mild.

Choi Sum 200g £1.50
Subtle and refreshing with a mustardy flavour.

Tat Soi, 200g £2
Sweet, tangy and crisp.

Other Veggies

Fennel, 200g £1.50
With an aniseed like flavour, fennel is especially delicious paired with fish, or enjoyed thinly sliced and raw in a salad Fun fact, fennel is grown under fleecy blankets in the UK to protect them from the winter chill!

Rainbow Chard, 200g £2
Rainbow chard grows in a variety of colours including white, yellow, orange, pink and red. Cook the stalks and leaves separately to try it as an alternative side dish to spinach.

radicchioGlobe Raddichio, £1.60 each
Radicchio is grown in the dark through “forcing”, where the lack of light helps give the leaves their distinctive contrast between red and white. Perfect for adding to salads.

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