Meet London 2 Paris Rider Stephanie Shaw

Written on March 30th, 2023

Meet London 2 Paris rider Stephanie Shaw

Stephanie Shaw is 27, and a former professional ice skater, performing in shows in the UK, Holland, Germany and Vienna. She started working at Booths 4 years ago at the Booths St. Annes store, working her way up through the company and now works as a supply chain analyst at central office.

What’s your motivation to ride the LtoP?

I had a moment of madness when it was announced there was one place left and no women on the team, so I’m doing it for the girls and to raise money for a great charity whilst having fun and learning something new at the same time.

What leg of the tour are you looking forward to?

I’m not going to lie, the leg of the tour I’m looking forward to the most is the end, not because it’s the end, but because I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower!

How are you training for the tour?

My boyfriend and I are training together, so we have been going on around 3 bike rides a week, trying to go a little further each time. We decided on our first ride to try out our cleats, not the best idea we’ve had, resulting in me falling into a pile of mud on Lytham green.  He turned to see what I was doing, and he fell off too! We are getting used to them now and trying out more intermediate rides to push ourselves.

Could you share your favourite training routes? Share your Scenic rides!

My favourite route so far is cycling from Lytham to Fleetwood along the front, there’s plenty of nice views along the way including the beach, comedy carpet, the tower and piers. I also like to stop off at St Annes Booths on the way back to get a vegan Speculoos Tiffin, from Studio Bakery from the cafe.

What are you eating and drinking to keep you motivated?

My favourite breakfast at the moment are my banana & oat pancakes sprinkled with fresh fruit, agave nectar & sliced almonds. I also like to eat pasta, Buddha bowls and avocado on toast as these give me a lot of energy. As a vegan I love the brand ‘Love Raw,’ we stock this brand in Booths, I always keep one of their snacks in my pocket,  if I need a little pick me up along my rides. Black coffee is what runs through my veins, it’s my favourite, along with green tea & water.

What’s your “power song” to keep you going?

MGMT from Kids — it’s got a good bike grove and “control yourself” is a good message on the bike!

What will inspire you when the going gets tough?

What will inspire me when the going gets tough is knowing that the money I am raising is going to a great charity and helping save lives.

What’s your personal or inspirational motto?

‘Just keep swimming’ -Dory (Finding Nemo)

What do you look forward to doing once you complete the London2Paris?

Once I have completed the London to Paris I am most looking forward to spending the day in a beautiful city before our journey home to continue whatever adventure lies ahead.

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