Meet London 2 Paris Rider Matt Bruno

Written on May 24th, 2023

Matt Bruno heads up the Retail Development team, responsible for redeveloping and modernising stores and introducing new shopping experiences and formats.

Matt lives in Skipton, North Yorkshire with his wife and two daughters, who keep Matt extremely busy.

What’s your motivation to ride the L2P?

Having seen the support that Booths and my colleagues have given to Cure Leukaemia over the last few years and the challenges they have undertaken, motivated me to put myself forward to raise funds for this great cause. Getting to know some of the people behind the stories inspired me to get fit and take on the challenge helping in my own small way, to raise money and awareness for the work Cure Leukaemia undertake and the people they support. It’s also a huge personal challenge to cycle 500km as a non-cyclist which will no doubt stretch me both physically and mentally.

What leg of the tour are you looking forward to?

I’m genuinely looking forward to all the days (may regret saying that!). From meeting all 140 riders on the first day, setting off from London with the excitement and buzz of the journey that lies ahead. Friday will also be a great day as it’s my birthday so I get to cycle through the beautiful French countryside, but the cake will have to wait until later in the day. The final day will also be very special, cycling down the Champs Elysees to the Eiffel Tower with my Booths colleagues, newly made friends and the Cure Leukaemia team knowing that all the sweat and no doubt some tears, will make a huge difference to individuals and families.

How are you training for the tour?

Training for the tour is fully underway. The training consists of a couple of rides per week alongside a weekly High Intensity Interval Training class and an hour with a personal trainer building on strength and conditioning. We will also be undertaking a couple of team rides and hopefully some commutes to work as well.

Could you share your favourite training routes? Share your Scenic rides!

My training routes are all in the Dales which means there is a steep hill at every turn, even out of my drive! The scenery around the Dales is just stunning and all the routes around here are perfect for training. I recently cycled from Skipton to Saltaire village, a world heritage site, along the Leeds to Liverpool canal tow path taking in some beautiful villages and lovely scenery, which is not something I would not have done without signing up for the London2Paris cycle ride.

What are you eating and drinking to keep you motivated?

My go to favourite has to be the Booths flapjack but I am also partial to the odd bag/s of mini eggs!

What’s your “power song” to keep you going?

Love & Pride by King

What’s your personal or inspirational motto?

Pasta solves everything

What will inspire you when the going gets tough?

Reminding myself why we are undertaking the ride and the people behind the fundraising and going through their own journeys and treatment. It will also be those family, friends and connections who have donated so generously.

What’s your personal or inspirational motto?

Consistent hard work gains success and speaking as an Italian, never skip lunch!

What do you look forward to doing once you complete the London to Paris?

It has got to be a cold beer once we have finished and celebrating the end of the cycle ride with my Booths colleagues with whom I have been on this adventure. It will then be getting home to see my family and to celebrate my daughter’s birthday which I will have missed—so I must find some time for Paris shopping!

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