Perfect Pancake Toppings

Written on February 26th, 2014

Originally a day of indulgence before the privations of Lent, Shrove Tuesday has a long association with pancakes, which use up eggs, butter and milk before the fast. But it has evolved to provide pan-fried fun for families of all faiths and none, whether you hold a pancake race in the back garden or just have them for tea.

Each member of the household will have their own idea of the perfect pancake filling. If yours is savoury, or you just want to get something proper into the family before the sugar rush starts, try a slice of ham from the delicatessen counter with Emmenthal, aged Cheddar or a fried egg. You could also try wilting a little spinach, adding it to a mixture of ricotta and Parmesan, and baking it inside pancakes topped with tomato passata and some more cheese.

Sweet toppings are a personal business, so put a stack of pancakes on the table alongside warm plates and a selection of goodies, and let everyone make their own. Traditionalists favour just sugar and fresh lemon juice, and Amalfi Coast lemons, intense and super-juicy without too many pips, are in season and perfect for the Shrove Tuesday squeeze.

Golden syrup, fruit-packed jam and chocolate spread are all favourites, or try additive-free Nut Shot peanut butter, new in store in either creamy or crunchy styles. For something really indulgent, tuck a few squares of Menier chocolate or a spoonful of Hawkshead’s salted caramel sauce inside your pancake, heat briefly in the microwave and enjoy with a splash of cream.

If you fear the pressure of the weekday sizzle, worry not. There are ready-made mixes and pancakes waiting for you in store, so nothing will stand between you and a flippin’ good Pancake Day.