Thanks Dad – Father’s Day 2023

Written on April 21st, 2023

Father's Day

This year we’re celebrating Dad for Father’s Day! Our colleagues have shared their stories with us this year, from memories of Dad to special moments shared by their children. 

Kara Bateson, PMO Manager, on her Dad Leo

What is your fondest memory of your dad?

When I think about my dad I have many reasons to smile as we have built so many fond memories.  Probably one of my favourites is when he took me to my first live Liverpool game, I was an obsessed 14-year-old.  As we climbed the steps of Anfield, my dad took my arm and told me to close my eyes, when we reached the top of the steps he stopped and told me to open them, I was awe struck at the view of the ground and gave my dad a big, excited cuddle. Any football fan will appreciate how emotional a moment like that is and I will be forever grateful to him for giving me that moment.

What have you learnt from him?

My Dad is a man of principle. He has taught me the importance of good manners, respect, hard work, caring for the elderly and being charitable to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Do you have a favourite meal he cooks?

When I was younger Dad made the best Christmas Day lunch with the standout feature always being his super-crispy roast potatoes!

Rachel Machin, Buyer, on her Dad Roy

What is your fondest memory of your dad?

Sadly my dad Roy Croft passed away in 2013 after a year and a half battle with Motor Neurone Disease. He was wonderful father, loved by all and so fit and healthy up until then. This July will be 10 years since we lost him.

I remember him regularly reading the Manchester Evening News in his armchair almost cover to cover but also him spending so much time chauffeuring me around as a child, I did so many activities. He was also the life and soul of the party, always the last to leave, he had to say bye to everyone.

What have you learnt from him?

To take pleasure in the simple things and not to always be wanting more- to be happy with what I already have! 

Do you have a favourite meal he cooked? 

He did a mean English breakfast and he loved eating lasagne followed by apple pie.

Shawn Dixon, Store Manager and his daughter Ella aged 10

What is your favourite thing to do with your dad?

In the summer Dad takes me walking in the lakes on a day out up the mountains! My favourite is Cat Bells in Keswick and we always finish the walk with an ice cream. 

When it’s raining, I like to play board games with Dad, especially Cluedo and Scrabble. 

What is the best thing about your dad/father figure?

He does the best barbecues in the world! 

Could you describe your dad in 3 words? 

Amazing, kind and gives the best hugs.

Chris Houlihan, Trading Team Leader and his daughter Jennifer

What is your favourite thing to do with your dad? There’s a few of us so it takes some planning to get us together; but that makes it all the more sweet when we are. For us kids, we love to see dad enjoying himself; grinning from the end of the dinner table, witnessing the spectacle of kids & grandkids at dinner, or bopping around the kitchen to a song that’s playing. For the grandkids I think they’d have one word in mind… SWEETS.

What is the best thing about your dad?

His attitude is that anything is possible! He’s always got a friendly ear for everyone; he’ll listen & always see the bright side.

Could you describe your dad/father figure in 3 words?

Cheeky, honest and open.