Lancashire chillies

It sounds unlikely, but one part of Lancashire is very hot indeed. Joe and Debbie Johnson have been growing chillies near Southport since 1997, and supply us with living chilli plants as well as small, hot red and green Thai chillies and larger red and green varieties.  They avoid pesticides and chemicals, using biological controls instead, with bumblebees to help with pollination. Fresh chillies add flavour as well as heat to recipes. Add whole to a curry as it cooks, or use in a Thai-inspired dressing for a herb salad with fresh lime juice, fish sauce and shallots.

For more inspiration, here’s a few of our favourite chilli recipes – just click the links:

Lancashire Chilli Chutney
BBQ Chilli Sweetcorn
Tomato & Chilli Passata
BBQ Brisket
Tomato Lime & Jalapeno Salsa
Mixed Bean Chilli

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