We’re very proud of our cheese counters here at Booths, and the colleagues who look after them. Territorial cheese is one of the foodie gems of the five Northwest counties where we have our stores, so naturally you’ll find some of the finest handmade examples at the counter. Our ethos is to offer cheeses which have something to say, whether they’re from the region or simply the best of their type.

We specialise in cheese that has a story, whether it’s Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, still made with the equipment used by Graham Kirkham’s grandmother, or Wensleydale made with raw milk for a rounder flavour as it once was in the farmhouses of the dales. Our 100-strong range also incorporates some great European cheeses including Spanish Montenebro, wonderful served drizzled with honey.

With all this to choose from, we expect customers to need some guidance and perhaps a sliver of something to try. Our cheese specialists visit our favourite dairies to find out how their cheese is made and why it tastes so good. They might even have met the cows.