Many of the species we sell come from British coastal waters. We also have produce such as shellfish and squid, and because we’re happy to vary our range according to the catch, it’s all as fresh as it can possibly be. Our fish counter weekend deal brings whatever catch is abundant into our stores at a great price, giving cooks an opportunity to experiment.

Our fishmongers pride themselves on being able to suggest alternatives to the big-hitters of the ocean – though of course we have those too. We are also open to new ideas from suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and traceable supply. Skrei, the Norwegian cod famed for its flaky texture, is a delicious example of this.

Farming is a sustainable and responsible solution to ensure that fish are available for our customers all year round, a great example of this is chalk stream trout that is farmed in Hampshire using an artisan-led approach which ensures the fish are nurtured from hatchling to harvest using the best quality diet and highest standards of husbandry.

If you’re cooking a special seafood recipe, we can help you the ingredients you need – and whatever you choose, we can whip it into table-ready shape in no time.

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