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With so many varieties, it’s hard to know which bottle to choose. You’ll recognise some of them because they’re from well-known producers. But others are from smaller, less familiar makers whose grape varieties are unique to the local region.

Our specialists are in the wine aisles, ready to help. Or have a look at our ‘buyer’s choice’ wines for descriptions and tasting notes. We also hold tasting sessions with the wine makers, so you can come and learn about the different varieties.

Alongside whisky, our range of premium spirits includes vodka and gin from Chase, the distillery based in Herefordshire. Look out for our recipe cards in shops for suggestions on how to serve them.

Featured Recipes

Champagne Cocktails

Two Champagne Cocktails

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Halloween Party Punch

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640px-X-360px Tartiflette

Tartiflette with Jersey Royals

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640px-X-360px RhubarbTrifle

Rhubarb Trifle

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