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Written on April 23rd, 2020

Popping some cheese in your essentials basket this week? Our artisan cheese makers need your support! The closure of the restaurants, hotels, pubs and cafes they’d usually supply due to the current crisis has had a huge impact on their business, and we’d like to do our part to keep these fantastic artisan producers going for future generations to enjoy. Read on for a selection of our favourites, a little history and a little inspiration on how to enjoy them. All are available in all of our stores now.

Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire Cheese

This cheese is made in the heart of Lancashire, just down the road from our HQ in Preston and has been for three generations. Kirkham’s Tasty Lancashire Cheese is known for its succulent-yet-crumbly texture (referred to by the Kirkham family as a ‘buttery crumble’) and its tangy, bright, full flavour. A very versatile cheese, it’s tasty on its own or when used as part of a recipe. Mrs Kirkham’s Tasty Lancashire Cheese is available from the counter in store or freshly cut in the fridges, £11.33/kg while stocks last from 27th April until 10th May 2020.

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A Little Bit About Kirkham’s

Kirkham’s have been making cheese for three generations now, since 1978. Currently made by Graham Kirkham to his Grandmother’s traditional recipe, it’s produced from their own raw Cow’s milk, and still to this day, Graham uses the same starter culture and rennet used by his grandmother and mother. If you’d like to meet Graham, he features in our film about our in store counters, from 51 seconds in.

Dewlay’s Garstang White

Who needs Brie when you can have Garstang White? Made with Jersey milk, this cheese has rich, buttery notes. Use in any recipe that calls for Brie, or Dewlay suggest baking it with pecan nuts and maple syrup. Dewlay’s Garstang White Cheese is available from the counter in store at just £10/kg while stocks from 27th April until 10th May 2020.

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A Little Bit About Dewlay

Dewlay Cheesemakers was founded by George Kenyon in 1957. A keen dairyman, he decided to set up his own cheesemaking dairy in the heart of Garstang. His son, Neil Kenyon, joined his father after leaving school and carried on the tradition of consistently producing high-quality Lancashire Cheese. With great foresight and vision, in 1997 Neil moved the business to its current site, designing and building Dewlay’s dedicated dairy and packing site, nestled on eight-acres of land.

Dewlay is now run by third generation brothers, Nick and Richard Kenyon, who are carrying on the fine tradition laid down by their grandfather and father, producing some of Lancashire’s finest cheese.

Burt’s Handmade Blue Cheese

Burt’s Blue is the flagship product of Burt’s Cheese, a handmade semi-soft cheese produced using pasteurised cow’s milk from local dairies. The cheese develops a mouldy coat which can vary seasonally from darker ‘green blues’ to paler ‘grey blues’. Each cheese is pierced by hand during the ripening process to allow the growth of mild blue veins through the paste. Delicious on a cheeseboard or in any recipe that calls for blue cheese. Suitable for vegetarians, Burt’s Handmade Blue Cheese is available from the counter in store at just £20/kg while stocks last, from 27th April until 10th May 2020.

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A Little Bit About Burt’s Cheese

Burt’s Cheese started out life in January 2009 in Altrincham, Cheshire. It was a career in the dairy industry that inspired Claire Burt to follow her passion for cheese-making. It started as a hobby on her kitchen table, but after winning Gold for Burt’s Blue Cheese at the International Cheese Show – Nantwich 2010, she decided to pursue the business full-time.

Burt’s Cheese is now based near Knutsford, Cheshire, and under the skill and patience of Claire Burt and Cheesemaker Tom Partridge produces a range of award-winning Cheeses, all handmade in small batches using local pasteurised milk. Time and care is invested in hand crafting each cheese into either a mini truckle or a larger wheel.

Products and pricing details subject to change and correct at time of publication. Promotions for this campaign are financially supported by Booths not our cheese makers.

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