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Dave adn Tom from Peter H SmithOur flower buyer Tom has a big hand in designing each one of our Booths bouquets, even creating Pinterest boards to help brief the team and coming up with creative names for each one such a ‘Wild at Heart’ ‘Passion’ and ‘True Love’! Our partner, Peter H Smith in Preston, then take over to create the final designs – they’ve been part of the Booths family for nearly 30 years now.

We popped in to see just how each one of our bouquets are handmade and Dave from Peter H Smith (pictured here left with Tom right) was kind enough to give us a tour. The flowers which make up a bouquet currently in production are laid out on the work surface in sections, then each person uses these to create and wrap their own bouquets, so each bouquet has been made by one person. Everyone is wrapped up warm as it’s very cold inside the building to keep the flowers at their best, so that they last well once they reach the warmth of your home. Dave also performs regular vase life tests, making up bouquets and taking them upstairs into a room temperature area for 7 days or more to ensure their quality.

booths bouquets

As well as a regular collection of designs always available in store, and specilaity event lines such as Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, Dave and Tom work on seasonal specialities which could last anything from two weeks to a few weeks. These bouquets are created with the best of what’s in season at the time, so they’re always a little bit special.

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