Booths Fresh Meat

Roast Topside of Beef with Pink Peppercorn Crust served sliced on a white board

Believe it or not, we’re one of our own largest producers! Many of our fresh meat and poultry products are prepared at Booths headquarters in Preston, from our succulent sausages to our flavoursome, ready-for-the-oven chicken kievs.

Complemented by our in store colleagues, who can recommend the right cuts for your recipe and prepare it freshly for you. Whether it’s a nicely trimmed steak; a portion of our seasonal ready to cook dishes such as minted lamb henry or duck breast in plum sauce, or just a sausage or two for supper.

There is a sign hanging on the wall at the Booths butchery in Preston that reads,

If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t expect our customers to buy it.

For Nigel Cokell, Booths Head of Manufacturing, that says it all. He’s worked at Booths for over 17 years and takes those words seriously.

We’ve got a very nice, tight team who absolutely understand that the customer is at the heart of everything we do. It’s massively important that we get it right. We cut and pack all our own meat. We make all our own sausages and beef burgers.

Booths Top Meat Facts:

  1. We are the only large retailer to sell traditional Herdwick lamb, which is reared in partnership with Cumbrian farmers high in the Cumbrian fells.
  2. We cut and pack all of our own fresh meat at our head quarters in Preston.
  3. All of our fresh meat is British.

Take a look at our film below featuring our meat and fish buyer David Simons and in store counter colleague Stuart.

Our Counters

Our counters in store are an important part of Booths; stocked with fresh, local produce we have developed great partnerships with our suppliers, complemented by our in store colleagues’ specialist knowledge.

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