For The Kids

Written on May 20th, 2020

This week’s recipe collection is one for the kids! We’ve gathered together ten of our favourite makes and bakes for kiddies to get involved with, from simple construction recipes to get them started, to more complex dishes.

Perfect to accompany an afternoon reading of The Tiger Who Came To Tea!
A classic sandwich biscuit recipe
No flour? These tiffin ‘cakes’ are just the thing, why not experiment with your own designs?
Kiddies will love cutting these into their favourite shapes!
A fun store cupboard tea dish
Much better than a choc ice!
A fun treat that’s a little healthier than ice cream in the warmer weather
These ideas make for easy tasty lunches at home as well as for lunchboxes!
A colourful childhood favourite
Tasty flapjacks with a carrot cake twist!