Tapas Recipes

Set of three tapas dishes

Trio of Tapas

3 Servings

5 minutes

Mini pesto and roast pepper palmiers, served in a white dish with a sprinkling of parmesan

Mini Pesto & Roast Pepper Palmiers

7 Servings

45 minutes

Three party crostinis served on a napkin in front of a platter of more crostinis.

Party Crostinis Recipe

7 Servings

20 minutes

Parmesan Parsnip Twiglets sprinkeld with sea salty served in a white bowl

Parmesan Parsnip Twiglets

7 Servings

40 minutes

Booths tapas platter with salami, proscuitto, chorizo, green olives, rocket and plum tomatoes

Booths Tapas Platter

4 Servings

15 mins