Stuffed Pumpkin Peppers served on a wooden board with faces cut out on the peppers

Stuffed Pumpkin Peppers

4 Servings

35 minutes

Malted Ombre Ghost Cake served on a white dish with a slice removed to see the ombre effect inside

Malted Ombre Ghost Cake

10 Servings

30-35 minutes to cook, 1 hour

Halloween White Chocolate Bones spelling out the word BOO

Halloween White Chocolate Bones

10 Servings

30 minutes

Pumpkin Pue Brulee served in ramekins surrounded by autumnal leaves and twigs

The Boho Baker’s Pumpkin Pie Brûlée

6 Servings

30-35 minutes to bake, 15 minutes

Gingerbread Zombie Mummies served on a black background

Gingerbread Zombie Mummies

16 Servings

Cooks 12-15 minutes, 30 minutes