Frozen Yoghurt Breakfast Sundae served in glass dishes topped with raspberry coulis and granola

Frozen Yoghurt Breakfast Sundae

4 Servings

5 minutes plus 8hrs to freeze

Bakewell Meringue Pie served in a baking tin with two spoons removing a slice

Bakewell Meringue Pie

6 Servings

5 minutes

Summer Pudding served on a black plate, drizzled with cream and surrounded by fresh berries

The Boho Baker’s Summer Pudding

6 Servings

30 minutes, plus overnight chilling time

Summer Berry Roulade topped with mini meringues and fresh berries

Summer Berry Roulade

6 Servings

1 hour

Chilled Raspberry Souffle served in white teacups with crushed pistachio

Chilled Raspberry Soufflé

6 Servings

60 minutes

Raspberry Rush in a glass with ice next to a spoon and a couple of raspberries

Raspberry Rush

2 Servings

5 minutes