Rainy Day Recipes for Kids

rainy day children's recipes

We’ve brought together a collection of our easy children’s recipes, especially designed for little hands to get busy in the kitchen whether it’s for today’s lunch or for a touch of home baking or even a gift. Perfect for rainy days or an indoor activity! Tap the titles to view the recipes. Scroll to the bottom for our FREE colouring sheets to download.

Cakes & Biscuits

Sweetheart Jammy Love Heart Sandwich Biscuits

Carrot Patch Cupcakes

Iced Fingers

Unicorn Cupcakes

Rainbow Chocolate Bundt Cake made with mash!

Ice Cream Bread

Helen’s Mum’s Butterfly Buns

Healthier Banana Bread

Christmas Cake Cupcakes

Gingerbread Zombie Mummies

YoYo Biscuits

Easter Mini Chocolate Nests

Beach Fun Cupcakes

Flip Flop Cookies

The Boho Baker’s Honey Bunny Bread Rolls

The Boho Baker’s Pinwheel Shortbread

The Boho Baker’s Bertie Badgers

The Boho Baker’s Cornflake Cookies

The Boho Baker’s Mini Egg Cookie Pie

Sweet Treats

No Bake Mini Egg Rocky Road

No Bake Chocolate Tiffin Race Cars

Easy Chocolate Butterflies

Banana & Strawberry Milk Pops

Mother’s Day Pancakes

Father’s Day Powerballs

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Powerballs

Marshmallow Chicks & Bunnies

Spider Bites

White Chocolate Easter Egg Decorations

Savoury Fun

Pizza Muffins

Pitta Pizzas

Hungry Hippo Rolls

Crispy Fish Burgers

Mini Mummy Pizza Pies

Minced Beef and Potato Cakes

Frittata Picnic Bites

Veggie Picnic Parcels

Edible Gifts

Edible Baubles

Chocolate Truffles

The Boho Baker’s Edible Christmas Decs

Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Father’s Day Medals

Fruit Flower Fondue

Colouring Pages

Download your colouring pages by clicking here. Don’t worry if you can’t print them out, why not use them as inspiration to draw your own?

Click here to download a colouring page of our Winderemere store designed by Felltarn Friends Booths Colouring Sheet.

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